Various Pirates of Dark Water ads, for the show and the merchandise.

Last updated: April 2010 (new ad: the eBay Hasbro one)

» Animage Magazine (?): Japanese ad

Submitted by Aquamarine Ryu. I've only translated a bit of this so far. I'll post a mirror image with the English overlaying the Japanese when I'm done; so far I've just got the top, which reads:
     SF adventure animation
     Seeking 13 treasures in a dangerous, unknown sea...the prince's grand adventure is about to begin!!

» GamePro Magazine: ad and SNES game review

Submitted by Kame. Keep in mind, the first has a pretty disgusting (and huge) image of Bloth with some sort of green mucus oozing out of his eye. The second's "okay," though: it's got Ren, the logo, and screencaps of the SNES game.

» Disney Magazine: PoDW Sweepstakes and generic video game ad

Submitted by Kame. The first image is for a trip to Las Vegas, and has the same eye-oozing-mucus image of Bloth...and yes, they got east and west backwards on the compass. :P The second's a generic ad that mentions the Sega and SNES games, but the images are all from the Sega game, and it sounds like it's saying they're the same game, just for 2 different platforms, when they're quite different.

» Comic book advertisement: action figures and accessories ad

Found on eBay. "Fight for what is right!"