Buried Treasure: The Maelstrom

Schematics of Bloth's monstrous sailing vessel, The Maelstrom. There are 14 pages in all. I retyped all of the labels in Trebuchet, because while they were in a very appropriately "swashbuckling" font, that font's fairly hard to read once it's small. ;o) I kept the scans as big as I could to preserve detail, but I wanted to keep the size down, too. Many of them will scroll horizontally, so be warned in advance.

The schematics were arranged from highest deck to lowest, with a few others thrown in too. The top list is deck schematics and the bottom is peripherals. (The Maelstrom image is from the World Book.) Enjoy!

Spar Deck
Poop Deck
Upper Deck
Upper Middle Deck
Middle Deck
Lower Middle Deck
Orlop Deck

Scout Ship
Attack Ship