Dark Water: The Series Bible

Written & Compiled by:
Sean Roche
rev. 3/27/91

Hanna-Barbera Productions, Inc.



     Dark Water is the adventure of a young hero named REN, preordained to lead a noble quest that will eventually save his dying world.

     The companions who become Ren’s circle, the challenges he faces, the temptations he overcomes, and his gradual evolution into a legendary figure, are all classic elements of myth which establish the scope and tone of this exciting epic adventure on an alien world!


     The once noble kingdom of OCTOPON is situated on a dying crystal island, on the watery planet of Mer. Its only hope for the future lies with young Ren, who was entrusted at birth to a lighthouse keeper and who has lived a simple life for seventeen years unaware of his true heritage.

     One fateful night, Ren risks his life to pull a drowning figure from a storm tossed sea. True to mythic structure, wherein the hero always undergoes an ordeal by water…the symbol of rebirth which alters his life, Ren’s “baptism” lays bare the course of his entire future.

     The old man in the sea is PRIMUS, long lost King of Octopon…and Ren’s father! His dying words illuminate the youth’s destiny. Ren must return Octopon to its former glory by completing the quest for the fabled Thirteen Treasures of Rule, the power of which can save their ravaged planet.

     The mantle of destiny passed, Primus dies in his son’s arms and is washed away in a violent wave. Young Ren is left to shoulder the challenge, armed with only a cryptic clue that will set him on an incredible odyssey across an astonishing world.


     From the beginning of time, on the watery world of Mer, the Thirteen Treasures of Rule have “sealed the heart of their living planet.” Imbedded in a reef, far below the sea…beneath Octopon itself, the mystic stones have emanated a collective power, nourishing the entire planet with a harmonious life force.

     Then, one day, years ago, the mystical stones were pried loose by a violent and unknown power. They were scattered far and wide in a furious storm of upheaval, and from that day forward, the planet headed on a course of slow degeneration.

     The crippling, which at first appeared only spiritual and emotional, soon took “living form” in the substance that became known as DARK WATER. It oozed slowly, perversely from the fissure where the Thirteen Treasures were ripped from the earth beneath the sea.

     In the early years there were wild “tales” of a capricious, driving shape that moved across the watery planet devouring anything unlucky enough to land in its path. Then, slowly, there were more and more sightings of the Dark Water, always moving, consuming, and leaving nothing but loss and despair in its powerful wake. The vastness of all that is evil had taken a form…become tangible… It was Dark Water.

     King Primus saw what was happening to his world. He left his infant son, Ren, in the safe and anonymous care of a lighthouse keeper. Then he set out with his royal fleet on a quest for the scattered Treasures of Rule, which alone had the power to restore his kingdom.

     One day, word returned to Octopon that Primus had located seven of the thirteen Treasures and was attacked by pirates under the direction of a grotesque giant named BLOTH. Whatever hope the Treasures held for Primus and Octopon, the pirate lord saw them only as a chance to master the evil power of Dark Water, and use this control to extort the entire planet.

     Under siege, Primus dispersed the seven found Treasures among his most trusted captains. A mystical compass which had pointed the way to their whereabouts was committed to Primus’ spiritual attendant, a monk from the Abbey of the Gallows. These seven custodians of Mer’s future then fled in opposite directions to hide the Treasures from Bloth.

     King Primus was captured and held prisoner on Bloth’s monstrous ship, THE MAELSTROM. Now, seventeen years later, he escaped, and before dying, passed the quest for the Thirteen Treasures of Rule on to his son, Ren.
     In the glow of a fire, the lighthouse keeper unwraps a strange half-sword and bequeaths it to Ren. The sword belonged to his father, and the lighthouse keeper was instructed by King Primus to give it to Ren if he should ever fail to return from his quest for the Thirteen Treasures.
     Ren will not the learn the truth about this strange weapon until he has fulfilled his destiny by locating the seven Treasures scattered by Primus’ royal captains and continues the search for the remaining six.

     All hope for the declining planet now lies with one seventeen year old boy armed with only a broken half-sword and the pure strength of innocence.


     Ren’s adventure begins only moments after he learns of his destiny. Bloth has seen Ren rescue his escaped prisoner, Primus. The pirate lord sends a colorful winged monkey, NIDDLER, to capture the youth. He must find out what the boy may have learned from the old King, about the scattered Treasures.

     Ren is kidnapped off his lighthouse island, in the claws of the flying simian, and deposited on the deck of a colossal pirate ship, THE MAELSTROM. This massive vessel is fashioned from the bleached carcasses of leviathans, the largest creatures on Mer.

     On deck, Bloth greets Ren and their antagonism for one another is established at once. When the pirate learns the boy will continue his father’s quest, and in so doing, stand in his way towards gathering the Thirteen Treasures of Rule, he is about to kill Ren.

     Fortunately, Niddler’s running hatred of his cruel master causes him to turn on Bloth. Ren takes advantage of the situation, striking a bargain for the monkey’s help.

     Niddler aids in Ren’s escape and the two become fast friends. They head off together, Ren on his search for the Treasures, and Niddler on a constant quest for food to sate his comically voracious appetite.


     Ren’s first stop is to seek out Alomar, his father’s spiritual guide and keeper of the compass which will point the way to all the treasures.

     At the Abbey of the Gallows, Ren learns the first lesson of his incredible journey towards enlightenment and the salvation of his world: “Things are often not what they appear.” Alomar turns out to be a powerful reptilian creature, not at all the mystical priest-like image Ren had anticipated.
     Acquiring the compass, Ren and Niddler next search for a boat to take them on their quest. At a seaside tavern they befriend a mercenary fortune hunter, IOZ, who promises to fid them a boat for a cut of the “treasure” they seek.

     Ioz proceeds to steel the fastest vessel in the harbor, and not until they are being chased out to sea does Ren realize the kind of friend he has made in Ioz. The man is as fearless as he is unscrupulous. However, he takes a liking to Ren and sees the youth’s noble quest as something he’d never take on himself, but nonetheless, doesn’t mind being a part of…for a cut of the profits that might be made along the way!

     TULA, a strong and beautiful girl, overhears the plan to sail for treasure and sneaks aboard the stolen WRAITH. She quickly proves her mettle, and knowledge of the sea, and is accepted as one of the team. However, Tula has a secret agenda which could jeopardize the entire quest when it is ultimately revealed.

     So, this ragtag band of heroes, Ren, Niddler, Ioz and Tula, takes to the high seas to face bloodthirsty beasts, the black hearted pirate lord, Bloth, and mind boggling obstacles both real and metaphysical, on a quest for the fabled Thirteen Treasures of Rule.

     The mystical compass Ren now wears about his neck emanates an ethereal blue light which may show them the way, but whoever gains the Treasures first, our heroes, or Bloth’s band of cutthroats, the possessor will embrace the power to chart his own destiny, and set the course of the watery planet for ages to come.




     Ren is the seventeen-year-old hero of Dark Water.

He was born on the crystal island of OCTOPON, the son of King Primus. When the King left in search of the fabled Thirteen Treasures of Rule, to save his dying world, Ren was given over to the care of a lighthouse keeper. His identity was to be kept a secret, as there were enemies of the throne who would surely do him harm if they thought he could be used to beat Primus to the powerful and elusive Treasures.

     Ren grew up unaware of his destiny and his true heritage. However, when fate thrusts him into his role as leader of a seagoing crew, searching for the scattered Treasures of Rule, he takes over his father’s quest with gusto and integrity. To this quest he brings a keen, often crucial, understanding of weather and sea conditions which he observed so often from the lighthouse.

     Though neither a trained fighter or leader, Ren’s adolescent strength and natural intuitions see him through, even when his youthful judgments might be a little off the mark. Like any seventeen-year-old, he often has difficulty seeing the bigger picture. In time he will mature from the challenges he faces and the friends he makes on his quest. But for now, Ren’s naïveté and exuberance add to his charisma and charm, which along with a steadfast honesty and unyielding integrity soon win him loyalty of his disparate crew.

     Being seventeen, Ren still has a lot to learn about human nature and about his own limitations. This mythic quest for the Thirteen Treasures of Rule will bring about his slow evolution from boy to man…and from a lighthouse keeper’s charge, to his rightful place on the throne of Octopon.

     Ren’s closest friend is a flying monkey named Niddler, who saved his life. The two trade barbed quips and know they can say anything to one another without it being taken wrong.

     However, Ren treats Tula, the female member of his crew, much differently. She is as agile and able a seafarer as there is on the ocean, and Ren respects her abilities and prowess. But their friendship also carries undertones, which at seventeen, Ren is just coming to grips with. At one moment he’ll treat her like any other rough and tumble salt, then suddenly, without even understanding what he’s feeling, will turn around and speak to her about things he’d never share with any other living soul. That dichotomy of feeling around Tula causes Ren to look at his relationship with this dark haired beauty with more scrutiny than he does his other. Sometimes Tula’s presence makes him stammer for the right words, or display too much bravado, the result of which is usually embarrassing himself to no end.

     Ren has a big-brother-little-brother relationship with Ioz. He looks up to him for his worldliness, but also stands up for himself when a situation goes contrary to what he feels in his heart. More cunning than Ioz, Ren uses his wiles to avoid confrontational situations with the rugged brawler.



     Tula is an exotic adventuress who finds her destiny in the elemental arts of Ecomancy.

     She is a seventeen-year-old tavern wench who overhears Ren’s talk of setting out in search of the Thirteen Treasures of Rule. When she turned up as a stowaway on the stolen ship, the Wraith, she quickly establishes herself as an asset to the group.

     While Tula as a warrior can hold her own against any man, she also has a deep, nurturing sensitivity towards the environment of her living planet, a sensitivity which—early in the series—develops into the elemental powers of an Ecomancer—one who can become one with the elements and manipulate them through intense concentration.

     Visually this power is manifested in a St. Elmo’s Fire that bathes her body and can be directed for the desired effect. However, she is not all-powerful. She can’t just point a finger and manipulate things from afar. She either needs to be in contact with what she wishes to manipulate, or there must be some synaptic connection to the object through which her power can travel (like the branches of trees, or roots of plants).

     As an Ecomancer, Tula has an uncanny affinity for animals. Perhaps that’s why you can always find Niddler around her. (He has a slight crush on Tula.) Through sheer concentration she can tame (if only temporarily) the wildest beast. She can even get a Dagron to do her bidding. But these achievements take great concentration, and the stress of such an effort can leave her weak and vulnerable.

Despite these limitations, however, Tula’s Ecomantic powers can serve as a godsend for our group, especially when they find themselves in desperate situations that can’t be saved with a sword or arrow.



     Ioz is a fortune hunter swayed by Ren’s noble quest.

He is a mercenary with dubious integrity who will do almost anything for a handful of gold. He is a rugged adventurer who has been in more battles and street brawls than he can remember. For a time Ioz was a member of Bloth’s nasty crew of cutthroat pirates.

     Looking for a fast profit, Ioz teams up with Ren, who he believes is a naïve boy searching for some lost treasure. Learning that Ren is actually on a quest for the fabled Thirteen Treasures of Rule, Ioz becomes furious, but is gradually won over by Ren’s integrity and goodness.

     In fact, he becomes something of a big brother to the boy, not only protecting him in times of danger, but instructing him in the ways of a swashbuckler. Ioz, above all things, is an expert seafarer, and could probably pilot a ship blindfolded, just by the feel of the ocean.

     Having lived the checkered life of a pirate, Ioz probably has an enemy in every port, as well as a woman. Sometimes they’re one and the same. Fortunately he also has many friends, like Zoolie, who would not hesitate to aid Ioz when the chips were down.

     Though dedicated to the quest, Ioz isn’t against taking a detour, now and then, when a ripe situation presents itself. Sometimes he tricks Niddler into a bit of larceny by promising food. Of course Niddler inevitably screws up, invoking the wrath of this not-so-gentle giant, and Ren must throw himself into the fracas for the good of both his friends…and the continuation of the quest.



     Niddler saves Ren’s life, becoming a loyal friend.

This comical Merian creature is a cross between a spider monkey and a parrot. He kidnaps Ren to Bloth’s ship, but then helps him escape, becoming Ren’s best friend. Though cowardly when the chips are down, Niddler comes through in a pinch…and the way he does it is always good for some comic relief in this high action series.

     Niddler is forever preoccupied with creature comforts from bedding, food, and shelter, to just staying out of the sun or slightest rain. He is the child of our group with child-like impulses. He involves himself in treasure-hunting most reluctantly, but point the way to a bag o’ mango, and this simpering simian will brave lava pits and ice sharks to fill his rumbling belly.

     Niddler mixes normal-sounding speech with animal sounding grunts and growls. He has a knack for being able to speak bastardized versions of the many Merian dialects our heroes encounter…often to comically incorrect results.
     Niddler has a great loyalty to Ren and has flown him out of many a tight situation. Even so, his judgment can be influenced by fear of danger or his bottomless stomach.



     Bloth is a savage alien pirate and Ren’s mortal enemy.

This cold-blooded high seas marauder sails in search of the Thirteen Treasures of Rule. He kidnapped Primus and held him aboard his monster warship, THE MAELSTROM, trying to get information as to the whereabouts of the Treasures the King had his captains hide. When Primus escaped and passed the mantle of the quest over to his long lost son, Ren, Bloth went after the youth with a vengeance. Now they are sworn enemies, and the race to find the jewels comprises the central conflict of the Dark Water series.

     Bloth will stop at nothing to gain the Treasures, which will give him the power to control Dark Water and thus rule the planet for his own profit. With his bloodthirsty cutthroat crew, this ruthless pirate raves anything and anyone who stands in the way of his evil mission.

     He is quick to fly into a rage and has been known to throw members of his own crew into the pit of the horror-beast, the Constrictus, which he keeps in the massive hold of his ship.

     Bloth is a fearsome fighter who, despite his huge size, has great agility and speed. He can also play the diplomat when it suits his needs. A cunning manipulator, Bloth is able to draw on his wealth of historical information about Merian legend and lore and use it to turn any situation to his own good. He has a photographic memory…especially about anyone who has ever crossed him.

     Bloth’s Achilles Heel is that he fancies himself a cut above the scum who sail his ship. In truth, he’s only another hardened salt cully, but he’s forever looking for ways to align himself with a better class of Merian. Ren is able to use this against Bloth, tricking him into situations where the corpulent pirate can be strung by his own bloated ego.



     Mantus is Bloth’s loyal and deadly second in command.

His cool and calculating personality makes him the perfect battle strategist for Bloth’s feet. In contrast to his commander’s devastating emotional swings, he is always cool-headed and emotionless in battle—as well as in life. He is a schemer who revels in elaborate and creative maneuvers to snare Ren and the crew of the Wraith.

     Tall, with a thin, reedy frame, Mantus gives the impression that he’s with a fragile creature. Nothing could be further from the truth. Though his limbs and extremities—hands and feet—are unusually long, he has the strength and bearing of a praying mantis. His insectoid visage is amplified by his large steely blue eyes, and a wide lower jaw with protruding tusk-like teeth. Like a praying mantis, he has an unbelievable leap range. He can spring, from a standing position, almost twenty yards, to pounce on an enemy…or a pile of booty.

     Mantus is a gambler and is always making bets with the crewmen of the Maelstrom…bets he usually wins, even if in an underhanded way! Distrusting even his closest friends, Mantus has his gold carried by an alien slave who stays with him at all times. Pity the poor soul that touches this alien’s gold!

     Though he is only second in command, Mantus considers himself smarter than Bloth. However, he would never let on to this fact in front of the bloodthirsty pirate. The only place he ever voices this is late at night in his quarters. There, he records his strategic victories of the day, reciting them to his pet, Memorrat. This colorful alien creature resembles a parrot with fangs and a dragon’s hindquarters. It is trained as a recording device for Mantus’s log. It can remember everything it has ever been told, and has the ability to parrot it back when the proper code word is given. If Bloth were to hear the vile thoughts Mantus has store in this Memorrat’s memory, he’d keel haul his second in command and feed him to the Constrictus…one body part at a time! There is no honor among these thieves!



     Konk is Bloth’s pompous grunt and whipping post.

This cleaver-wielding pegleg serves as Bloth’s grunt and doer of all dirty work. If there’s a suicide mission to be undertaken, the pirate commander will unfailingly tap Konk for the job. Even though Konk has proven he will stoop to the lowest depths possible to please his commander, this pontificating pork belly does grate on you, and Bloth’s not above booting the foul mouthed braggart down into the Constrictus’s hold on a regular basis, just to keep his kicking foot in practice.

     More than a bit pompous, Konk loves to brag about his deeds, often blowing them hilariously out of proportion. However, despite all his bold statements, Konk is a coward at heart, and would sell his mother to weasel out of the slightest danger. But from the looks and smell of this vile character, no one would buy his mother even if the transaction occurred in the pit of the darkest cave, in the middle of a blinding midnight storm!

     Konk looks like a bulldog with a peg leg. A short alien, he has an oversized belly that makes him walk with a comical waddle…which he insists is a swagger! His head is unusually large, perpetually empty, and his face is frozen in a permanent scowl. You’d be scowling too, if you had to go what he goes through.

     Konk has the I.Q. of warm lunch meat, and is usually the first target when Ren and company set out for some up close dealings with Bloth’s band of pirates.



     Joat is the ex-owner of the Wraith, out to get Ren.

Joat is a fierce pirate and once proud owner of a ship called the Wraith. The mighty sea vessel was stolen by Ioz who used it to take advantage of Ren. Joat now pursues our heroes, bent on getting his ship back at any cost. He always shows up at the worst time for our heroes, snarling, and challenging them for ownership of the Wraith. The clever Ren always manages to get away, so the chase continues.

     Joat used to be a swordsman until he lots his hand in a fight. Losing the extremity made him bitter, so he had it replaced with a wicked metal claw which he uses mercilessly in battle.



     Zoolie is a friend to Ioz, and a former Bloth pirate.

Zoolie is a fun loving mountain of am an, who doesn’t let his good nature keep him from enjoying a good fight. A former crew member on Bloth’s mammoth ship, Zoolie befriended Ioz when he too sailed with the bloated pirate.

     Zoolie now runs a tavern in Janda Town, home of Merian thieves, scoundrels and cheats. Master of the sword, Zoolie has been known to take on six men at a time! He even fought Mantus over a single piece of gold…a piece he had won by cheating!

     With an ability to show up at just time, bringing along the strangest assortment of exotic weapons confiscated from the customers at his gaming house, Zoolie has saved our heroes on numerous occasions. Though Ren offered him a place on the crew, Zoolie declined and returned to his tavern, where he awaits his next adventure.



     The Maelstrom is Bloth’s massive and deadly warship.

This colossal warship is the latest in Merian destructive eco-technology. It is built from the bleached carcasses of leviathans, and resembles a gargantuan floating fossil. The masts are visible as the giant creatures’ vertebrae. Massive rib cages serve as jail pens and holding cells below the immense deck. Its enormous size is a tribute to Bloth’s bloated ego and is its one drawback.

     Below the main deck sits a labyrinth of passageways, sewer lines, holding cells and slaves’ quarters. An entire subculture exists within the bowels of this monstrous vessel.

     A small armada can be released for ship-to-shore activity, and for negotiating waterways where The Maelstrom would never fit.

     Like a modern aircraft carrier, the Maelstrom is equipped with air power in the form of DAGRONS, pterodactyl-like reptile beasts, semi-trained to carry a rider. These one-seater beasts have been trained to take pirates aloft on raiding missions, but are erratic vehicles at best, sometimes eating their own riders in mid-flight!

     In the center of this death vessel dwells the dreaded Constrictus. This massive water beast sports four tentacle-like heads, each with a set of savage jaws. Being eaten by the Constrictus would be compared to jumping into a meat grinder. This beast is in the heart of the ship, its deadly core.



     The Wraith is the stolen vessel Ren sails on his quest.

This vessel is a mix of 14th century technology and that of the ecologically based Merian maritime civilization. It is the swiftest craft on the seas, stolen by Ioz, from the ever pursuing pirate, Joat, for just that reason. The ship features a dynamic wing-like mainsail that can be detached and used as a four-man hang glider!

     The Wraith’s previous owners were pirates who used its swiftness to attack and pillage ships and seaside communities. In stealing the Wraith, Ren and his companions have made powerful enemies of the four pirates who owned the unique vessel.

     The Wraith is a character in its own right. Cut from mystical trees on a remote island, the lumber used in its creation maintains its life force. At times it may seem to be haunted, at other times it may seem to have a mind of its own. And until Ren and the crew decipher the mysterious carvings in the wraith’s decking, they are often at the mercy of the boat’s capricious spirit.



     Dark Water is filled with elements of classic myth that give it a universal appeal. The motif of the hero’s journey, out of a known environment, to undertake a task that will lead to the source of life, has been an elemental part of storytelling for centuries.

     However, the ingredients that allow Dark Water to soar beyond the realm of the conventional tale of the hero’s quest are humor and creativity.

     What will set this series apart from all other hero myths that have gone before is that Ren is a swashbuckling hero with a sense of the absurd. He’ll be fighting valiantly while fleeting up mast on Bloth’s ship, and suddenly find himself out of climbing room! Or he may leap into a fray and heroically draw his sword to take command, and his opponent will burst into laughter at the sight of this kid with the comical half-sword! Humor will pop up where we least expect it, giving Dark Water a tone unlike any other hero quest. It won’t take itself too seriously. It will offer hair raising adventure, hand in hand with tension releasing laughs!

     Another element setting Dark Water heads above other fantasy adventures is the imagination vested in the fantastic world against which this classic narrative is set.

     Mer is an alien world, an environment unlike any we have ever seen. Everything, at every turn, must surprise and amaze, yet seem so natural to the environment of this water world. The planet is in a constant state of flux, being created and recreated before our eyes. There is an unnaturally natural order to all things on Mer, from people, their technology, all the way to the shifting planet itself.

     A simple example of this “unnaturally natural order of things” is the weaponry on Mer.

     There are no gunpowder-based firearms on this alien world. Along with the standard swords, knives, and clubs, weapons have been designed to take advantage of the world’s peculiar ocean life.

     Poison sea urchins are hurled with deadly accuracy from powerful slingshots. Alien starfish become ninja-like surikens. Blown glass-like muskets visibly contain seawater and octopus-like creatures that whip their tentacles out, when given a chance, ad disarm an assailant. Small hand weapons contain sea life that emits poisonous knockout gas. These are only a few examples of the recognizable reinvented to accessorize a fascinating world.

     The planet of Mer is 98% water. The oceans are vast and all different, and all in a constant state of flux.

     When the Wraith sails into a “living” waterway known as DRAGON’S MAW, massive stalactites grow up around their ship. These giant daggers threaten to destroy any vessel passing through the constantly changing canal that rests above a pair of mile high waterfalls.

     In the SALT DUNES OF LOOR, inhabitants have evolved whose bodies contain no water. They are crystalline beings whose destroy body parts grow back like crystals in a petri dish.

     The SWAMP OF SORROWS emits poisonous gasses which cause travelers to hallucinate and relive past indiscretions.

     The planet will be as wild as a writer’s imagination. Nothing is too far-fetched if it comes organically from a world where evolution has pushed out in bizarre new directions.



     Alien beings on Mer are vested with similarly creative twists.

     TERON is a powerful ecomancer who sprouts roots from his body in order to replenish himself from a portable supply of native soil when he is away from his homeland.

     NIDDLER is part monkey and part parrot, and comes fro an island where his people are captured as slaves.

     ROULETTE is a graftoo…a living tattoo that subsists off the body of whoever it is attached to.

     ALOMAR is a dragon-type monster who breathes fire, but we know he was King Primus’s spiritual advisor.

     THE IMBIBERS are a group of specially trained children who drink Dark Water. They becoming all knowing for a short span of time and then turn to stone to take a place of honor in their tribe’s sanctuary.

     THE ATANI are a tribe of albino dwellers who protect themselves from having to go out into the sunlight by living in a labyrinthian world.

     THE LURINESE are a people who live in a network of cocoon like dwellings suspended fro mile high cliffs.

     DOOLIES are funny little servant-like creatures who can bend, stretch, and mutate into any of a dozen forms, to be used by their masters as doormats, chairs, serving tables, etc.



     The world of Dark Water is set up in a five part miniseries that establishes the characters and sends them on the quest for the Thirteen Treasures of Rule.


     The dying King Primus escapes from the evil pirate Bloth, to reveal to Ren his past and his destiny.

     As the son of the noble king, only Ren can return their homeland, OCTOPON, to its former glory. He will do this by continuing the quest Primus began seventeen years earlier…that of finding the Thirteen Treasures of Rule which were torn from their seating on the ocean floor. Their mysterious removal and subsequent scattering threw the planet into disharmony. The fissure opened wider and allowed an evil substance that became known as Dark Water to seep from the planet’s core and begin overtaking the world.

     Ren’s father dies in his arms after telling him to seek the mystical compass that will direct him to the hidden treasures.

     The young hero gathers a ship, the Wraith, and disparate crew; NIDDLER, a cowardly but good hearted monkey-bird, IOZ, a hardened pirate, and TULA, an adventure-seeking heroine with a secret agenda. Despite Bloth’s harassments, the new crew successfully retrieves the first Treasure from the treacherous Dragon’s Maw.


     Ren and his crew outmaneuver Bloth’s massive ship, the Maelstrom, and escape into the maze-like tunnel of the ATANI. They are captured and brought before the subterranean city’s king.

     While Ren befriends the Albino King, the secretive Ioz and Tula separately undermine him with their individual goals. Ioz pilfers gold from the palace while Tula steals some mysterious manifests from the royal library.

     This apparent misuse of the Atani King’s trust nearly gets our heroes killed. Learning their misdeeds, Ren surrenders himself, his crew and his ship to the mercy of the king. Because of Ren’s selfless noble act, the king takes pity on our hero and frees the entire crew—providing they never return to his land.

     Taking advantage of the chaos, Bloth’s right hand man, Konk, who has been seeking them out, wounds Ren with a crossbow and escapes with the compass and the First Treasure of Rule.


     The Wraith follows Konk to an island port surrounded by a dense jungle. This island is populated by a large tribe of MONKEY-BIRDS who have been enslaved by a group of evil humanoid aliens. Ren and Niddler, distracted away from their original quest, want to help free the monkey-birds. Ioz and Tula think Ren is being foolish and idealistic; after all, there are treasures to be found! The once loyal crew breaks up.

     After Ren and Niddler instigate a revolt among the monkey-bird slaves, it seems to Ioz and Tula that Ren has been killed. Ioz and Tula set sail after Konk. They both feel guilty, wondering if they could have done anything to save Ren.

     Meanwhile, the tide of the revolt has gone the way of the monkey-birds and their imprisoned QUEEN is returned to power. The Queen rewards Ren and Niddler with the jewel on the front of her crown: the Second Treasure of Rule!

     Ren and Niddler set sail to catch up with Ioz and Tula. Unfortunately, their ship is destroyed by a monstrous SEA LEVIATHAN. Ren and Niddler drift aimlessly in the middle of the ocean until a ship is sighted. It’s Bloth’s warship—the Maelstrom!


     Ren and Niddler are swept inside the Maelstrom where they are taken prisoner. Much to their surprise, Ren and Niddler are not recognized by Bloth and they are thrown into the prisoner’s brig. Ren begins to for friendships and plans for escape among the prisoners. Ren’s most valuable encounter is when he meets AVAGON, the trusted aide to King Primus, Ren’s father. Through a flashback, Avagon answers most all of Ren’s questions about his father and the purpose of his quest.

     Meanwhile, on the island of JANDA TOWN, a haven for pirates, Ioz and Tula catch up with Konk and retake the First Treasure and Compass. An old shipmate of Ioz, ZOOLIE, joins the group in pursuit of high adventure.

     Ioz proposes the threesome continue with Ren’s quest, find the Thirteen Treasures of Rule, and retire fabulously wealthy. Tula agrees enthusiastically, but when she gets the chance, disables Ioz and Zoolie with an alien weapon. Taking the First Treasure and Compass, Tula leaves the Wraith.

     On the Maelstrom, Ren and Niddler watch from below-decks as Tula strides boldly aboard with the First Treasure, saying, “Bloth? Let’s talk business…”


     Tula not only sells Bloth the First Treasure and the Compass, but has also won his heart. “She is my kind of scum!” Once she delivers the goods, Tula is given the run of the Maelstrom. Ren swears to succeed despite this treachery. With the other prisoners, they plan an escape.

     Meanwhile, Ioz and Zoolie have recovered and plan to sneak aboard the Maelstrom and have their revenge on Tula. The pair attacks the Maelstrom and almost succeeds in stealing back the First Treasure and Compass, “For Ren!!”

     Zoolie escapes overboard but Ioz is captured and strapped to a thick post on deck for all to see. Bloth gloats about his “ultimate victory” over Ren and starts making plans for recovering the last of the Treasures.

     That night, while Ren leads the prisoners in their escape, they are surprised to find Tula risking her life. Her motive all this time has been to rescue TERON, one of Bloth’s prisoners. Teron is a specialist in healing environmental problems and Tula has come to have him save her home island. The entire planet is slowly dying as evidenced by huge pools of vile DARK WATER. Conditions for Tula’s island have gotten worse and the inhabitants need Teron’s healing powers. Unfortunately, Tula’s rescue plans are thwarted and a huge battle breaks out between Bloth, Ren, and the prisoners.

     In the final battle Ren is reunited with Tula and Ioz. The trio reclaims the Compass and the First Treasure and sets the Maelstrom on fire!

     As the fuming Bloth puts the flames out on the ship, the Wraith sets sail into the night with a crew now deeply united in Ren’s cause. Having earned the respect of the others, and more importantly, himself, Ren holds up the Compass as they sail in search of the Third Treasure of Rule!

     Ren’s quest for the fabled Thirteen Treasures of Rule began in the exciting five part mini-series of Dark Water.

     The adventure is about to continue, as Ren searches for the mystical treasures, fights off attacks by the evil pirate lord, Bloth, and faces the challenge of conquering the steady growing threat of Dark Water’s grasp on the planet of Mer.


     Over the course of the next eight Treasures (completing the first season of thirteen) we will follow Ren on his continuing quest to find the treasures, though not all the episodes will necessarily deal directly with treasure-hunting. From time to time Ren will be pulled into other intrigues on this mysterious, alien planet—from sudden rescue missions to encounters with alien sorcerers. Nor will all the treasures be found by season’s end. Only seven, the seven that Primus hid, will be uncovered by Ren, completing the first phase of the quest, and placing Ren on par with his father’s achievement.


     The remaining seven episodes of the series will downplay the “scorecard” element of who has which Treasures. Our viewers can assume that Ren has the Treasures which have been uncovered, and that there are more to find. From episodes six through thirteen, each half-hour episode will be self-contained, though episode six will introduce Tula as an Ecomancer, which will be her prominent role for the remainder of the series. Another major event will be the appearance of a MASTER OF DARK WATER (name to be determined) who lives in the center of the planet from which the Dark Water emanates. His introduction will add another layer of mythology onto the rich backstory, explaining the ultimate reason for the Dark Water and providing a new threat that gives even Bloth pause.



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