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Okay, so here’s how that cut scene in Dishonor actually went (yes, I sat down in front of my roommate’s TV with a pencil and a sheet of paper and WROTE this down–laugh all you want ;o) ):

    The Wraith’s following Konk’s scout ships. Dagrons are in the air, following the ship as well but flying ahead of the Wraith.

    “Ioz! Tula! Keep that sail as full as possible–we’ve got a Treasure to steal back!” Ren, from the helm with Niddler next to him

    Scene switches to show Ioz and Tula doing something with ropes and other stuff on the deck. They straighten up, glance at each other, and run over to Ren at the helm, who looks at them calmly but curiously, smiling a little. Scene changes to show a head-shoulder shot of them.

    “Ren, Tula and I–ee–erh–” Ioz, stumbling over his words

    “Well, go on–he won’t bite you.” Niddler, looking amusedly at them

    “We just wanted to thank you for what you did for us back there.” Tula, gratefully

    “Ahh… *punches Ren’s shoulder, and Ren grins a little* you’ve got the right stuff, lad–you wouldn’t know Dame Fortune if she jumped out of a cake, but you’re a good man for all that.” Ioz, kind of with gruff admiration

    “*laughs* I’ll take that as a compliment because I’m too tired to fight.” Ren, sounding a little dull

    Scene changes to an angled overhead shot of the bridge. Ioz turns and goes back to the deck below. Tula starts to turn, but Ren takes hold of her arm.

    “Tula, what were you hoping to find among those maps? It could’ve cost you your life!” Ren, curious and somewhat concerned

    Angle changes to focus on Tula. She turns away from Ren, sobering considerably.

    “For some, even that’s a small price.” Tula, softly

    She departs the helm. Ren sits on (I think) a trunk just behind the wheel and kind of slumps forward, Niddler still next to him.

    “She’s hiding something, Niddler. What, I don’t know. *hesitates, and sighs* How am I ever going to gather the Thirteen Treasures of Rule if I can’t even unite the four of us?” Ren, sounding puzzled, frustrated, and actually seeming somewhat similar to Luke Skywalker from Star Wars: A New Hope

    “Oh, Ren, don’t be so hard on yourself–a few days ago you were just a lighthouse keeper!” Niddler, stumbling on his words to try and console Ren

    Scene pans out over the deck, showing Ren and Niddler in the back looking down at Ioz and Tula in the foreground.

    “Ioz is just in this for himself, and Tula’s keeping secrets. *scene changes again to profile Ren* You and I may have to continue without them.” Ren, glum but pensive

    Quick “eyecatch” of the scout ship and the dagrons before returning to the Wraith.

    “If the wind keeps up like this, we’ll catch that cob-keeled son of a sea pooch before daybreak, Ren!” Ioz, heartily (Andy’s note–grr, I DID NOT just type “Heartilly” as in Rinoa from FF8…sheesh! Anyway…)

    “Lighthouse keeper…maybe that’s all I should ever have been…” Ren, frowning

So yeah. WHY did they cut this out in PoDW?! It would’ve helped a lot of things flow much more smoothly–so we knew that Tula had some motive for joining Ren and the quest, and wasn’t just being spontaneous by gassing Ioz and Zoolie and taking the Treasure and Compass and giving them to Bloth and–argh! *breathes* ;o) Anyway.

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