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Quick little post before Physics lecture…

I guess I’ll go ahead and start making a list of differences between Dark Water and Pirates of Dark Water. I started to last night, but my computer crashed, so let me try again.

The opening for Dark Water is totally different. It uses different clips from the series, as well as ones animated especially for the opening–and Hector Elizondo doesn’t do an opening narration. All it is is the music, which is slightly different as well. I’ll come back, rewatch it, and put down point-for-point differences just because I’m such a geek. ;o)
Niddler. *nodnodnod* In the episodes that Cartoon Network showed and Boomerang is currently showing (speaking of which, the Turner building is just a few blocks from me…depending how I get off the freeway to get to my dorm, I pass it frequently…hehehe), they dubbed over his voice in episodes 1-5 with Frank Welker (I believe) doing the voices. However, in Dark Water, Roddy McDowell voiced him, and there’s a BIG difference. Roddy’s voice is much deeper, making Niddler not sound like a comic-relief character. If you remember “Break-Up,” the other monkey-birds sound normal, and so does Niddler in DW. Roddy also does a good job of depicting emotions more subtly and without the exaggeration Frank had to resort to sometimes. (He left the show b/c he wanted more money…ugh. Not to mention, with how they wrote episodes 6-13, his voice would’ve been really awkward for such comic relief…it would’ve been much better in 14-21, I feel, though.)
When they edited Dark Water to create The Pirates of Dark Water, they fixed up some transitions between scenes, adding little clips here and there to make it not as stilted as it seemed now and then. Some examples I can think of immediately are that in Dark Water, after Alomar died, Ren didn’t bow his head as he did in PoDW; it immediately cut to Bloth offering 50 gold pieces for his men to kill Bloth. I’ll eventually make a list–I’m so going to dissect those 5 episodes. ;o)
Another major editing point was that they completely cut out a scene at the very end of Dishonor in PoDW. It just seems to end with Bloth snarling, “Make speed, you slugs! They’re getting away!” and that’s always kind of nagged at me, and I now know why. Here’s what actually happened:

    Ren calls for Ioz and Tula to make the Wraith sail faster or something like that–but the two of them kind of glance at each other, drop what they’re doing, and go over to Ren, where they thank him, somewhat stumbling over his words (I especially love Niddler’s “What? He won’t bite you, you know,” to Ioz when he’s trying to get his words out). Ren kind of brushes it off (I think he tells them to not let it happen again or something), and when Ioz walks off, Ren takes hold of Tula’s arm and asks her what she was hoping to find in those scrolls, pointing out that she could’ve lost her life. (I can’t BELIEVE they cut this out!! Argh!!) Tula then looks immensely saddened and comments that sometimes a life is a small price to pay for something, and walks off. Ren lets her go, and goes over to Niddler, wondering how he’s supposed to save Octopon when he can’t even unite the 4 of them since Ioz is only in it for himself and Tula’s hiding something. Niddler tries to be helpful by offering that Ren was just a lighthouse keeper the day before, and Ren starts wondering if that’s all he ever should have been.

This was in the comics. I’m just wondering why the HELL somebody decided to cut this out of PoDW!! Argh!
Other things, though, were that they actually re-animated scenes for PoDW. They made the Dark Water in episode 3 look less…well…goofy, I guess, and they changed some facial expressions and other things like that. Once again, I WILL come up with a list when I have time.

Grah, time for class…

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