Old blog archive: 13 July 2001

I got back last night from studying till 11:30 with my Physics lab partner (and suffering through some “HEY BABY!”s from jackasses who took a liking to my wearing kind of short shorts *scowl*) and watched Pirates of / Dark Water for a couple of hours to unwind. ;o) Lessee…of course, I rewatched The Quest, and Dishonor–I wanted to see if I could make a marathon of it but was too tired…so I skipped ahead after those and watched Game Players again, and then watched The Dagron Master.

That episode is actually a really good one…not just b/c of the action and stuff in it, but because of another message it conveys. (I like stuff that means something. ;o) ) Bloth’s sent the dagrons to go attack the Wraith, and Ren and Ioz are verbally bashing them and calling them stinking beasts, Jitatin kreld-eaters, etc., and when Tula tries to remind Ren who the real enemy is, he says they’re nothing but trouble. That kind of points to some…not anti-alien sentiment, but ignorance, etc. that a lot of Mer-folk must harbor towards what they don’t understand…because after Ren gets turned into a dagron and then is turned back, he’s completely changed b/c he realizes what they have to go through, and what punishment and suffering they have to bear, and that dagrons are objectified and not treated as real living beings, but are just treated as slave beasts and things to be disdained.

Another thing that’s cool is that Tula doesn’t seem to harbor nearly as much of the sentiment that Ren and Ioz do. (Niddler is just scared of them in general, though it seems like he gets over that as well.) Maybe it’s just because she’s from Andorus and is an ecomancer, so is attuned to nature both ways, and that lets her become attuned to other living creatures (she was able to communicate with that leviathan, so I guess so…)–but that’s just too cool. It’s another part of her character that I love…that she’s so worldly, and doesn’t hold prejudices against things unless she has a reason for not liking them.

In general, though, this episode is just good…great voice acting from all of them, nice animation, nice concept (the whole “you never know someone till you walk a mile in their shoes” thing), good message for younguns. ;o) Anyway, off to hopefully do homework so I can go see Final Fantasy tonight…

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