Old blog archive: 16 July 2001

I’m a geek. I really am. The way I religiously watch and rewatch the original miniseries, looking for nuances, little differences, little hints of meaning…and I stumbled onto another one.

So I was watching the end of Dishonor today to get some sketches from the cut scene (they animated Ren really nicely in some parts of it…), so I rewound it to The Quest after I finished (I’ll scan these in later). Something I noticed is that the action sweeps you up in such a way to kind of make you not realize exactly what is going on–like, why does Bloth hate Primus, Octopon, and Ren consequently so much? Why is it that the words “son of Primus” are uttered so profoundly (or with such hatred, depending on where it comes from)? What is it all these characters have faced in the past to bring them to where they are in the series?

I got to the part where the “spiritual attendant” greets Ren and Niddler, and gives Ren the Compass, and I was thinking about the above–and it just sent chills through me. You know? He was there when Primus’s ships were attacked, and Primus and Avagon were taken prisoner by Bloth. He was with Primus in Octopon leading up to the start of the first Quest more than seventeen years before. He escaped with the most important piece of the Quest–the key to finding the Treasures. The Compass. And he remained a recluse for seventeen years, guarding over it and Alomar with his life. (I stopped the tape after Alomar’s “You have a lot to learn, son of Primus. It is not only men who direct the fate of this world.” I’ll come back to that later, though. ^^; ) He’d been waiting for years for Primus’s son to come of age so that he could pick up where his father left off, so that he could carry out the noble mission his father had basically left in his hands, because Primus had no other choice but to end it there or let Mer fall into Bloth’s hands. He’d been simply waiting for that moment…

“In darkness and in light, this will be your guide.”

If you really think about it, what’s he saying there? He’s obviously tough enough to hide any really outward emotions…but there’s a LOT of foreshadowing and past-hinting going on there. Through the dark times seventeen years before, when Primus had led his captains across the most treacherous regions of Mer to save the planet from annihilation…through the moments of happiness when they actually recovered the Treasures successfully…only to have it all shattered by greed and a lust for violence and some sort of revenge, it seems, by Bloth’s hands.

And then violence and death did befall Alomar afterwards, after the dagron riders followed Ren and Niddler to the Abbey of Galdebar. But what happened to the priest?? Then, Ren had no choice but to flee, and to leave Alomar’s dead body and the priest tied to the gong in the entrance chamber…but what happened to him then? Did the pirates kill him? I’d say probably not, since he’s a priest, but Bloth kind of mocked him after he was tied up (“Thank you for your cooperation, your holiness.” *smiles, then orders his men to break through the doorway to Alomar’s chamber below*), and these are pirates, who probably don’t give a damn about any type of spirituality.

It truthfully kind of saddens me…to think that he waited so long, just to give away a little bauble to a boy…and that’s it. That’s all he really had left going for him–besides faith that Octopon would reemerge from the rubble Bloth had left behind, and faith in the son of Primus, to follow in the glory that the name bestowed upon him automatically, to save their world…to do what his father couldn’t. To outsmart and best Bloth with youth, agility, and a renewed strength fueled by kindness and a strong will on his side.

And I’ll leave off here…time to get my laundry and head off to class in a few. Is anybody actually reading this? Drop me a line to let me know what you think if you are. :o)

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