Old blog archive: 28 July 2001

Ooh! Something worthwhile to post! ;o)

Okay, so I studied Physics for about 2 hours, then took a break to watch Iron Chef, but it was a repeat so I put in Dark Water, and watched The Quest, that “lost” scene from Dishonor, and Break-Up. (I’ll watch all my episodes eventually…I’m just trying to digest the original stuff. Anyway.) And at the beginning of Break-Up, I noticed something that never really hit me (in all the years I’ve seen this one scene) till now. Woo, epiphanies rock. ;o)

On Konk’s ship, after he smacks one of his two big bodyguard guys for asking about going to Janda-town and retorts with something that JUST slipped my mind, he stands with his back to the bow of his scout ship, meaning with his back to Pandawa, and holds up the Compass and peers at it, closing one eye to get a good look. And it shoots a beam at his eye, and he yelps and lowers it. That was thrown in for comic relief, yeah, and that’s all I saw it as before, but maybe it ALSO went off because the Second Treasure was actually on Pandawa…I can’t believe I didn’t notice this before. Geez! Anyway, shutting up now.

Oh, and another thing to vent about…in the “The Wraith!” “Some thief’s stolen her!” “Takes one to know one, eh, Ioz?” bit from the same episode, in the PoDW version of that, Ioz just raises an eyebrow, kind of startled, when Ren replies with that last part. But originally… *cringes* I can just imagine the other big-time Dark Water fans I know in real life either going, “What the hell??” or cracking up so hard they’d fall out of their chairs…that look was edited from a VERY goofy, un-Ioz look that they’d had in the miniseries…his eyes are wide, and his jaw’s hanging open kind of strangely. It’s just–it’s priceless, and at the same time, just makes you go, “Ehh??” when you see it.

I REALLY want a video capture card so I can get screen shots of this stuff…and so I can make my own video clips. Something else to add to my ever-growing list of stuff for my computer, of which hopefully my parents and/or friends will get me stuff for my birthday (psst! *hint hint wink wink nudge nudge* I’ll be 20 August 29th! *grin*)…which includes a CD burner, a digi/webcam (either or), just an overall upgrade (more RAM, more gigs’o’space, new speakers, and more–my HP Pavilion’s 2 years old and is already obsolete, sheesh), my own scanner (I’m using my friend’s), um…there was more. ^^;

Oh yeah…this is kind of old as well, but I digitally colored the Tula sketch from below–it’s kind of sloppy, but I like the overall effect. *smiles*

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