Old blog archive: 07 August 2001

Okay, so the costume’s coming along…here’s the latest status report:

So far, I’ve managed to dye the sports bra–it’s not the EXACT shade as my skin, but I didn’t expect it to be. So that came out great. And we went to K-Mart yesterday, and on the clearance rack, imagine my surprise to stumble across a pair of white, triple-X-sized sweatpants! *cracks up* I just think it’s going to be hilarious trying to make it fit. ;o) But at least they’re really loose and not form-fitting! And the bottoms are definitely as baggy as Tula’s pants are. Score! Hehehe…anyway, I dyed it, too, but I think I added too much water b/c it’s kind of cotton-candy pink…but hey, it’s pink. If I get more time, I’ll try re-dying it.

Oh–I realized that I TOTALLY forgot about Tula’s earrings. :o/ I do have my ears pierced, but I haven’t worn earrings in a long time…but the holes are still basically open, so if I do get time, and a little ingenuity in figuring out how I’m going to make earrings of that size and shape, maybe I’ll attempt those, too.

So Mom and I went to Jo-Ann Etc. a couple of days ago, which was where I picked up the dye…I also got a yard of green fabric to use for her waist-sash-thingie, though I realized kind of belatedly that hers is kind of a lighter green, while the fabric I got is regular green. *shrug* Once again, time permitting, I might try to pick up fabric in a lighter shade if it’s still on sale. And I found these gold candleholders that I can use in place of the napkin rings for the sash and for my hair, especially since these are considerably smaller. So that’s cool.

For the shoes–I know I mentioned it below, but I really do think I’m just going to wear sandals. (Which means I need to take the teal nail polish off my toenails. ;o) ) Mom’s boots have heels, and seeing how I’m already around 5’9″ and Tula’s actually 5’4″–I really don’t need to be any taller. *grin*

For the shirt, I’m going to use one of my dad’s undershirts (and I doubt he’d miss it, nor would he care too much). It’s not too thin, so it seems like it might hold up well…hopefully today (I’ve got to run some errands and go to campus to start packing my stuff, b/c I switch dorms on Monday) I can run to Jo-Ann and buy some more pink dye, as well as red material for the designs on her outfit.

And that’s it so far. I’ll keep updating when I make more progress. :o) And I WILL be back to updating regularly next week, when I’m at work/school again.

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