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Stuff about The Quest

Changes between Dark Water and Pirates of Dark Water:

Opening scene…
DW: The background behind the ringed moon is more in shades of black and red, and fairly dark. It doesn’t match the sky in the rest of the scenes, though it does look very impressive. ;o)
PoDW: The sky’s the same orange color as in the rest of the scenes.

When Ren’s staring out the window of the lighthouse…
DW: A cloud flashes quickly across the windows before the wave rears up and crashes through the windows.
PoDW: No wave–just Ren staring and the wave crashing.

On the Maelstrom, when Bloth drops Primus’s ex-watcher into the constrictus pit…
DW: After Bloth releases him, the view from the pit is slightly cut off; you only see his hat fluttering down, and part of the word “eat” in Bloth’s “Eat well, my pet!” is cut out.
PoDW: The man screams and falls; this is a little bit extra added in.

When Niddler carries Ren off, after crashing through the window and picking him up…
DW: Niddler squawks as you see them flying away from the window with Jenna watching.
PoDW: Niddler doesn’t squawk.

Overall in the miniseries, but only first noted on the Maelstrom after Niddler “drops” Ren off…
DW: Niddler’s voice is deeper, more normal. His voice actor is Roddy McDowell.
PoDW: Niddler’s voice is much more comiclike, high-pitched and basically whiny. His VA is Frank Welker, I believe. Intonations and emphasis are also done in a more parodylike manner, instead of in the serious tone that Roddy gave Niddler.

Right after Konk and Ren play “peekaboo” around the main mast-pole-thingie, when Ren kicks the wheel and Konk goes flying…
DW: The sound is misaligned–Konk’s yell and the thwap as his dagger snaps the rope holding the main sail up are both delayed a little.
PoDW: The sound is aligned properly.

After Bloth uses nycra to dissolve the crow’s nest and it topples, and Ren falls out…
DW: There’s a mistake here. They accidentally don’t make the mast move as if it’s falling–it’s just stationary against the backdrop; they just have it stuck at a diagonal angle and Ren topples out of it.
PoDW: It moves accordingly with Ren’s movement.

Niddler’s response to Ren’s “I know where we can find some food. It’s called the Abbey of Galdebar”…
DW: Once again, the animation and sound aren’t aligned; the sound’s noticeably late–Niddler’s “Galdebar?” falls when he’s kind of scrunching up his face in disgust, and the “Hmm. That doesn’t sound very appetizing.” is late.
PoDW: The sound is aligned.

When the pirates break through the wall separating Alomar’s chamber from the outer chamber in the Abbey of Galdebar
DW: They’re yelling random things like, “Over there!” “Down here!” “Get ‘im!” “That’s him!” but instead of them sounding kind of cacophanous and rowdy, the way you’d expect a bunch of pirates “on the hunt” to sound, they just shout them out one after the other, and it’s kind of awkward, because in the next scene they’re all silent as they run down the stairs.
PoDW: They don’t say anything. Though you’d imagine that they should, it’s actually not as awkward.

As Ren beats up the pirates to get them off Alomar
DW: There’s a scene where he does this (mistakenly slowed down ^^; ) sideways kick in the air and bowls a bunch of them over. There’s no sound with that.
PoDW: There’s a proper “thump” that goes there.

Alomar lying there in the moment before he dies…
DW: He lies still for a second before he gasps and Ren comes to his side, and then after the, “It’s too late for me…”, Ren leans forward, but his mouth doesn’t move as he says, “No!” and it ends with him staring down at the dead Alomar.
DW: Alomar lies there for not even a second before he gasps and Ren gets to him–and Ren’s mouth moves with the “No!” though it’s off a little bit. But he bows his head as Alomar dies, and then looks up as Bloth goes, “Fifty gold pieces to the swab who takes the boy’s life!”

After Niddler attacks the archer with the fire-arrow…
DW: When the archer grabs him and throws him aside, he doesn’t squawk.
PoDW: He squawks as he’s thrown aside.

After Ren dumps the archer into the water and turns to leave…
DW: “Niddler! Now’s our chance! Come on!” – Ren / “I can’t!” – Niddler
PoDW: “Now’s our chance! Come on!” – Ren / “I can’t just yet!” – Niddler

After Ioz admits to having stolen the Wraith…
DW: “What?” – Ren / “What?” – Niddler
PoDW: “What?” – Ren / Niddler squawks.

When the Wraith’s on the Dragon’s Maw, trying to outrun the Maelstrom..
DW: “We need less sail!” – Tula
PoDW: “We must slow the Wraith!” – Ren / “We need less sail!” – Tula

Right after the fireball that Bloth’s pirates aim at the pinnacle where Niddler and the 1st Treasure are hits its target, and it explodes…
DW: It fades into black, and then focuses on Ren and Tula, who are staring at where it was, stunned–then Bloth’s “Boy!” makes them turn.
PoDW: It fades directly into the next scene, and after you see them both still for a second, Tula moves to say something, but Bloth interrupts them.

Not sure about this one, but…
After Ren bows his head in Niddler’s memory, only to have red monkey-bird feathers rain down from above…
DW: Niddler squawks as the feathers rain down.
PoDW: Niddler doesn’t squawk.

When Niddler opens his mouth to reveal the Treasure inside…
DW: He stays silent.
PoDW: He manages a muffled, “Ha.” And I THINK the way they animated Ren here is different, but I don’t remember…

And that’s it. Time to go home, woo! (I’m posting from work. Whee…)

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