Old blog archive: 08 September 2001

It’s been a while…the Tula costume was done, though the armbands weren’t cooperating so I just ditched those at the con. :oP I also didn’t realize how hard the waistband would be to keep in place. ^^; Oh well, it cooperated decently. I wasn’t exactly recognized (except for a couple of “Who are you supposed to be?” “Oh! Okay, yeah, I thought your costume looked a little familiar…”s), but I guess I wasn’t really expecting to be…oh well. It was still a lot of fun. :o)

I did get to meet John Rhys-Davies for about 30 seconds, and feel like a total idiot; since PoDW was just a guest voice-in for him, I really shouldn’t have expected him to remember it, and he didn’t. I didn’t get to meet Harlan Ellison, since the lines to meet him were 30 and 40 people long, geesh. His voice sounds awfully familiar, though…

Anyway, the weekend was a BLAST. :o) I’ve got some updates for the site…pictures, a fanfic, and some other stuff…I’m just kind of putting the rest of my sites on hiatus while I finish revamping a different one (my “ings” page, for my art and writings), and moving it to a new location.

And that’s about it. :o) Off with me…

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