Old blog archive: 10 September 2001

Got the pictures back… :o) The ones of me were terrible, but the rest were pretty good. (I was Miss Un-Photogenic this weekend, I swear…) Anyway, here’s one of me that was semi-decent:

That’s Richard LeParmentier, who played Admiral Motti in Star Wars: A New Hope (“Don’t try and frighten us with your sorceror’s ways, Lord Vader. Your sad devotion to that ancient religion…” etc.). If you’ll notice, the green sash is coming undone there. It was worse in the other 2; it’d come halfway undone without my even realizing it. And I normally do not have a double-chin, and I look at least semi-presentable when I smile, and the costume was rather disheveled, and I look fat, so don’t think of that as a good picture of me, PLEASE. *rolls eyes, then cringes as any male readers roll THEIR eyes and groan at the whole “female tirade” thing* But at least it gives you an idea of what the costume looked like. :o)

So anyway. I’m going to get some separate pictures taken of me in the costume…I have another disposable camera with a bunch of pictures left, so I’ll just get dressed up again and get my parents or friends or whoever to get some photos before the costume goes all awry.

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