Old blog archive: 23 September 2001

Oish. Oh–crap, totally unrelated thought, I forgot to get my tapes back from Jenn, whoops. ^^; Anyway…I REALLY need to update. I WILL start an episode summary this week AND add everything that’s been sitting in my EpisodeII.com inbox.

Oh yeah…Trunksette posted to Ren’s PoDW club to let us know that on Cartoon Network’s new Justice League show, guess who voices Superman? George Newbern, a.k.a. the actor who voiced Ren. :oD Must look out for that…I’m such a dope–any time I watch the Father of the Bride movies, I try and listen to see if Brian sounds anything like Ren (George is the actor who plays Brian McKenzie in the movies). I do the same thing with Ariel and Tula, since Jodi Benson voices both of them; they have different voices, but the same laugh.

Okay, anyway…I need sleep.

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