Old blog archive: 25 September 2001

Holy crap, I’m actually working on a WEB SITE UPDATE! Just a couple of months before, that’s all I’d work on in my free time…but I think this has kind of captured my attention. But I’m writing an episode summary, and am 2/3 of the way through (I just got to the 2nd of 2 commercial breaks, which kind of, for this episode, break it up into thirds)…if I finish by today, I’ll make it a HTML file and put it up, as well as Dave–er, Alomar’s *grin* Galdebar pictures and my doctored version that pieced them together.

I’m not putting up the wallpaper yet, mainly because 1. I only have the 1024×768 version done and am honestly worried that if I shrink it for 800×600 and 640×480, the resolution of the picture–which is really detailed–will become blurry, and 2. I don’t know the order of the 5 coins. Grr. I know the 1st, and the 5th (by “coins,” I mean the 5 things that showed up in the background of the end credits for the first 13 episodes)…but not the order of 2-4. And I accidentally left my episodes at Jenn’s house Sunday even though she told me to take them back since she didn’t know when she could watch them. I’ll ask her about bringing them to work later.

But let’s see…what else do I have to add? I got that fic (which I’m assuming is Dark Water, anyway–nobody sends me Star Wars/anime fanfiction) in the mail, but am not putting it up because the person who sent it to me (in 2 parts) 1. didn’t even tell me what she was attaching to her messages, or give me any warning, and 2. in one of the messages, didn’t say anything, period. Until she gets back to me telling me what’s in them, I’m not downloading them. *logs into her episodeii.com account to see what else she’s forgetting*

*gets an e-mail from TheCounter.com* Holy crap! 32 hits in one day? Cool! *grins*

Oh yeah–Floro Dery sent me 2 more amazing conceptual layout pictures that I have to put up…one of the Maelstrom, and one of a city somewhere on Mer; he didn’t remember the exact name.

I REALLY REALLY REALLY need to work on the dictionary. -_-; Geesh. It has to have been a year or something since I’ve actually written new definitions for it, instead of updating old ones or updating the appearance (to make it a popup, which I prefer…it’s a lot easier to navigate–but I’m wondering if I should change the layout from grey and white? It seems like it’d be so much busier any other way, though…but maybe I’ll experiment or something…). After this episode summary, I’ll start on that again.

Okay, back to writing–I’ve got an hour before I leave work, so if I can finish this sometime today, I can get it all up by today or tomorrow. Yeah. *grin*

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