Old blog archive: 16 October 2001

Oh geez. *grin* Amazon.com has an auction of the original PoDW poster (not the one that they used for the miniseries episode titles–I can’t BELIEVE I let that one get away, even if it DID end up going for over $50!! It was a GORGEOUS print!! Arrggghhh….). This is $15, apparently like new…it’s the Saga Begins cover, I think. 27″ by 40″/41″ish… *sigh* That’d be the perfect thing for my wall. Along with my (yet to be framed) Stephanie Law prints, my Empire Strikes Back poster, my “violining dragon” print from the RenFest, and the other odds and ends I have hanging up…

That was on Amazon, btw. *goes to poke through eBay*

Oh, my gosh. Oh, my GOSH.

They sold Dark Water VIDEOS (as in, plural, meaning MORE than the 1st 5 episodes)?!?! There’s one up for auction now!! It’s in PAL format, though–damn it! But I had NO IDEA they made videos of the episodes!! I’m ecstatic and seriously pissed off at the same time. ^^; It’s titled “Beast and the Bell,” but on the back, it also says “Leviathan.” On the front’s a different-colored version of the title screen of the 1st 5 episodes, and on the spine is a picture of Tula above the title, and on the back is a picture of Ioz, and another one of Ren challenging Kerroptus (the beast in the bell). I’d LOVE to know what that text said…the picture’s too small, though. I guess I’ll have to mail the guy and see. ^^;

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