Old blog archive: 07 November 2001

Just thought I’d quickly mention this before I forgot…Saturday night I went to check out Monsters, Inc. with two friends of mine (AWESOME movie! I highly recommend it to ANYBODY who wants to see it!! Pixar simply rocks…), and on the way back to drop them off at school before I headed home, there was a SUV-type vehicle ahead of us with a license plate that read “7 JEWELS”.


I explained the PoDW translation of that (7 Treasures of Rule that were in jewel-form…) to my friends, both of whom were PoDW fans of varying degrees–one I’d introduced to it our freshman year of school, the other had previously been a fan. The first groaned; the second was very amused. :o)

But you know, if that actually were a PoDW reference, do you know how COOL that would be?? I mean, I’ve seriously been toying with the idea of getting a vanity plate with “ANDORUS” on it, partially b/c of the PoDW meaning and just because she’s myself, Jedi-personified, and is a character that has a lot of meaning to me…plus, it’s just a cool name.

I think the coolest thing to ever deck my car out with would be a Niddler decal. Yeah…I’ve told my friends (many of whom are PoDW fans, coincidentally), who all just groaned. ;o)

Okay, I’ll shut up now. ^^;

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