Old blog archive: 02 December 2001

Hmm…a couple of different things.

In the miniseries, the characters wink at each other. A lot, actually. :o) Ioz I think winks at Ren when he does the “These eyes know a landlubber who could use the experience of a good seaman…” line. Tula winks at Ioz when Ren decides to go north in the 2nd episode. Ren winks at Tula in The Ghost Pirates. Um…there was one more…I THINK that Bloth winked at the Kravidorm keeper when telling him about the old brigmaster and his “accident” and stuff.

Fascinating. :o)

Also…they’re releasing the Ronin Warriors AND Yoroiden Samurai Troopers (RW’s Japanese equivalent) on DVD. (April 23 by Bandai. YAY!!! *cheers madly* It was my first anime craze, and my friends and I are SO psyched about this, eeee!!) If they’re releasing those older series, what’s keeping people from releasing PoDW on DVD? I was talking to Liz…she suggested e-mail, and I suggested snail mail or an online petition. It’d be highly in demand–and someone else brought it up at one point via e-mail, but I didn’t really think about it because it was so old. RW was on Fox in 1995, and the original YST was on TV in Japan much earlier than that…

Hmm…anybody who’s reading this, would you be up for a DVD? Because if so (I know I am…any kind of rerelease would be SWEET), maybe the fans could get something going. If I work part-time next semester, I’ll probably be doing SQL, and I’m learning JavaScript on my own–and my friend Andy’s learning MySQL and my friend Jeff is great with Perl and has offered to write me scripts before, and I know a guy who’s a web developer…so I have connections. :o) Making a petition where somebody doesn’t have to manually add names would be a reality, and a lot more convenient, too…anyway, leave a comment if you see this, or e-mail, so I can get an idea of an interest level.

I’ll be getting back to work on continuing my writing projects now that NaNoWriMo’s “done.” The story isn’t, but now I don’t just have to focus on that since I did break the 50k limit in time. :o) So I’ll be continuing my PoDW fanfic(s?) at one point, promise, for those who’ve asked me to. ^^;

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