Old blog archive: 03 January 2002


Dude. I have GOT to redo these graphics. I love the layout still, but the graphics are really rough and shabby, and don’t even line up properly in the IE layout, and I didn’t erase all the black from the edges of the PoDW logo, and the background isn’t a uniform color and tiles VERY weirdly on my monitor, and I need to fix the background so it won’t scroll, and…and…

I’m such a perfectionist. :oP That’s been nagging at me for a while now, but I keep putting it off. Now I’m waiting till I’m back on campus (it would’ve been tomorrow, but with all the snow and ice Atlanta’s getting, I’m not going out of the house tomorrow except maybe to go sliding down our hill on a garbage can top *grin*…and I’m hoping I can make it to class Friday, and this weekend isn’t going to be fun either), since I’ll have to pack up my computer in a couple of days and would rather do it all at once than in bits, and I wouldn’t have a big chunk of time to do it in at home…anyway. :o)

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