Old blog archive: 08 February 2002


I NOW OWN 10 PIECES OF ORIGINAL PIRATES OF DARK WATER ANIMATION ART!! 4 cels and 6 drawings!!! 2 cels, with drawings, of the Dark Dweller holding the Wraith (from “The Dark Dweller”), 2 cels of Ren’s head (not sure from what episode), 2 drawings of Niddler sitting at Ren’s side as he wakes up (from “Victory”), a drawing of Ren with his head bandaged (from “Break-Up”), a drawing of a monkey-bird cringing or cackling or something (unsure from what episode), a full-body drawing of Ren (from “The Beast and the Bell”), and a drawing of Bloth holding the Compass and snarling menacingly (from “Victory”).

Eeee!! I’m so HAPPY now! :o) As soon as I get scanner access, I’ll scan and post ’em. *beams*

But off to work with me now…

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