Old blog archive: 17 February 2002

Okay, I take a mild bit of offense to this:

“On the ocean-covered planet of Mer, the once glorious Kingdom of Octopon is under siege by a vile pirate-giant named Bloth and his crew of inhuman marauders. Ren, who has spent his own 17 years in a lighthouse, discovers that he is the son of King Prymus, ruler of Octopon, who journeyed for the 6 treasures of rule, since he had the first 7. Prymus was capture by Bloth but not before telling his companions to hide the first 7 treasures and their compass. When Prymus escapes he manages to reach Ren, but only to be claimed by the sea, forever.

It is now Ren’s destiny to find all Thirteen treasures of rule, with the magic compass. He is not alone however. At his side is the exotic and ingenious Tula , the thief Ioz and Niddler, a monkey-bird who is always hungry for a bit of food.

But the quest for the treasures is not a smooth sea trip. Bloth is on his trail and the unexplored seas and fraught with sea monsters, dangerous ‘dark waters’ and new lands and peoples.

Enjoyable adventure and action, with a lot of wit and jokes. Even after 5 years of having it in my possession, I still find it exciting to watch. It’ll make a good gift for kids, especially boys.”

This was one of the reviews for The Saga Begins at Amazon.com. It’s perfectly fine until the very last line. Especially boys? I’m female and this is my favorite cartoon of all time–and the majority of the people who have e-mailed me about this, or who I’ve run into online regarding this, have been female. What does that say? I hate it when people make generalizations about the science fiction and fantasy genres, pitting them more towards males than females. One awesome thing about this show is the fact that Tula is able to hold her own. She’s an invaluable member of the Quest, and many times they haven’t been able to get anywhere without her help. Girls look up to her–they love the series, and not just because “Ren’s cute.” *rolls eyes* But anyway…

And on going further–if I’m not mistaken–the person who wrote this was a woman. How WEIRD. Though…well…okay, maybe she felt it was pitted more towards guys–but plenty of other female fans don’t feel that way! It’s kind of strange running into those that do, though.

Ehh, anyway… *shakes her head*

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