Old blog archive: 08 March 2002

And I don’t know if I ever mentioned this, but I have a bunch of PoDW valentines scanned and up on my site–well, Sare, the girl who sent me the scans mailed me a set of the actual valentines (minus the Teacher Card) the week of Valentines Day. *grins* They’re SO COOL! I’ll rescan them as soon as I get scanner access (and as soon as I find them…they’re buried in the crap on my desk back at school somewhere -_-; ) so they’ll be a bit clearer.

I haven’t gotten any redesign work done…I’ve been too busy, actually, with going around the city and hanging out with friends and family and stuff. But it’s been great fun. :o) Maybe after my Women, Literature, and Culture midterm Monday and my Japanese exam Wednesday, I’ll get back into it…I feel really bad for neglecting it all like this. :o/ But I’m also wondering about moving my entire site again…like, not just the Dark Water site, but my entire domain, ecomancer.net. I’ve seen a lot of better hosting deals for cheaper elsewhere, but they just automatically billed me on March 1st for hosting for this month…we’ll see, though.

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