Old blog archive: 08 March 2002

*grins broadly*

I’m in New York this week, visiting my cousin and her husband for spring break…well, New Jersey, technically, but they’re right on the Hudson River and they’ve got a gorgeous view of the Manhattan skyline from here. :o) And I’m such a dork! Here’s the 2 reasons why so far:

1. We were watching The Empire Strikes Back earlier this week (my cousin’s husband is a big Star Wars fan, heee! We watched ROTJ last night too, actually), and in the scene when Yoda’s training Luke, and Luke asks Yoda how he’ll know the good side from the bad, when Yoda replies with, “You will know,” it immediately reminded me of King Primus telling Ren in the secret room under the lighthouse, “You will know when the time comes, my son. But if you succeed, the seven Treasures of Rule will never leave this room,” when Ren looked to the Treasures and begged his father for help for what to do next (from The Dark Disciples).

2. Just a few minutes ago, I was watching TV (I really should be studying, I’ve got a midterm Monday -_-; ) and a baseball commercial came on, and the name Alomar flashed across the screen, and my jaw just dropped. I totally forgot that there’s a baseball player with New York named Roberto Alomar! (Alomar being the dragonlike creature who Ren went to at the Abbey of Galdebar in the 1st episode to begin his quest.) But coupled with this, after I did the jaw-drop-huge-grin thing, I jumped up and ran to the computer, because my second thought was, “This is SO going in my PoDW weblog.”

Yes, I’m pathetic indeed. Okay, back to studying now. ;o)

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