Old blog archive: 17 March 2002

*eyes go wide* Cool!!

I wonder if this was how the series was going to end? I really, really need to track down a ROM of this… *resolves to ask her best friend about ROMs and emulators, as she’s the one who’s really into gaming, of the console and PC varieties* She had one, briefly, and I played a bit of it…like, the first level. I figured it was just a beat-’em-up type of game and kind of discarded it…but the Sega game’s sort of the same too. :o/ The graphics on both of them are fairly nice, truthfully–but the Sega game’s got a totally different plot. There are only 6 Treasures, all of which you find, and then they put the Dark Dweller back into the center of Mer, in the force field the Treasures generate. But with this…

I’ve so gotta e-mail the guy who got these screen shots and ask him all about it. :o) I’m intrigued now! I never even considered an ending that is almost a new beginning…I mean, I knew some RPers had thought of it, and I just went, “Oh, hmm, interesting…” but never considered those in terms of the series itself. That would be excruciatingly awesome if it did happen, though. *grin*

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