Old blog archive: 17 March 2002

*grins* I won one of these. WOO!! I’d wanted to bid on this before when I saw it, but it just got too expensive–I’d definitely say this was a great deal on the RPG stuff.

And I finally showed my parents the animation art I bought, the 4 cels and 6 drawings, and they were actually impressed in an approving way. That’s definitely good. Dad jokingly asked me why I spent $30 on that crap, and Mom reminded him, “She’s earning…” That’s a relief–I don’t really have to worry about “going behind their backs” to buy this stuff now. :o) Not that I ever bought them without their permission–I just figured I’d get the whole Disapproving Shpiel� if they knew. *shrugs* Oh well, not anymore, I guess. :o) I also watched most of episodes 1-4 of Dark Water today…I really would love a copy of The Saga Begins. I guess that’s the next thing on my list to buy…

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