Old blog archive: 27 April 2002

(tried to post this last night, but Blogger was having issues.)

Maybe I should provide a status update on the site…

Got a new layout decided upon and basically tweaked. (Basically. I’m still not totally happy with it, because it scrolls horizontally in anything below 1024, which makes me cringe, but I just didn’t like it any other way. And I caught a look at Dais and Kento’s Room‘s new layout (not sure how new it is; I haven’t been by in a long time) and instantly felt the urge to do something more modern, so I played around for a while yesterday with layouts and just came away feeling disgusted and cheater-ish, and I came up with nothing good to speak of anyway, so.)

Anyway. This new layout is really similar to the current one, except it doesn’t involve frames, and the colors are brighter. I may even bug my friend Andy to teach me snippets of PHP to incorporate, but I like changing the side menus to signify where on the page you are, and if I used PHP while changing the side menu–that’s just pointless. ^^;

What’s done so far? *pops zip disk with site-in-progress on it back in and takes a peek to refresh her memory*

First off, I’ve changed the organization of the page. There are fewer categories, each category having subpages. We have:

Site Information – about, FAQ, news, updates, credits
Characters – profiles–I may incorporate voice actor mini-biographies into here as well
Episodes – list of links to summaries, but with quickie 3-line mini-summaries under each episode title
By the Fans

Done with site info and episodes–I’m still struggling on the layouts for the character bios, so I’m going to come back to those after I’m done with everything else. (Every time I type “bios” I think of the computer term, ooops. ^^; ) Well, I’m relatively done with the episode section–I’m wondering how to redo the individual pages…like, should I give them new layouts, or keep them as the same black-on-white plain Arial pages? They take long enough to load as is because they’re just so long, so…I’ll probably leave them as is or something. I may put up the .doc files so people can download them and read them at their own leisure, too.

But as for what else has changed–oh, I’m taking down the sound clips because those things (all of which I captured) are PATHETIC. -_-; I can’t believe I left clips with such crappy quality as those up for so long! And the “By the Fans” section is the formerly known Fan Works section, but it also includes the Unexplored section too. That should be about it…I’m also not sure if I’m going to change the layout of the dictionary (which will still be a popup–it’s much easier that way), and I want to figure out a different way of doing the image galleries than how I had them before–thumbnails? There’d be a LOT of those, though, so probably not…

But that’s where the site stands. It took me long enough to come up with this layout, and with exams coming up–I may get a bit more done tonight, and then no more until Friday, most likely. Though Friday’s going to be spent packing, so I can check out Saturday–still not sure about my housing situation for the summer (long, kind of aggravating and involved story)…so that’s definitely going to be the main thing on my mind at week’s end. But by Monday I’ll definitely be settled in someplace, and will get back to work on this in full during the week I have off before the start of summer semester and my work term. (I could work on this at work, but I have no zip drive there, so probably not.)

And that’s where I’m at right now. :o)

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