Old blog archive: 8 June 2002

Excuse me while I scream for joy.


I was contacted recently by a guy who goes by the name DarkWaterFan. He’s started capturing the episodes, and screen shots from the episodes, in Windows Media Player (.asx) format–and the best part–he’s putting them online.

The episodes are finally on the web!!!

I’ll have higher-quality episodes hosted on my site; he’s hosting the low-quality-but-faster-loading ones off his server, and they’re linked to the GeoCities site I linked above; the picture’s choppy on them but the sound’s great. He’ll send them to me and I’ll put them up as soon as I get the redone done–and I’m hauling ass on it this weekend, getting as much as I can done, since I have the DSL all to myself (roommate’s out of town). :o)

But spread the word! Pirates of Dark Water is finally online!!

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