Old blog archive: 05 August 2002

By the way, does anybody actually read this? Please comment and let me know…I’m honestly curious to see if other people actually sift through my insane, somewhat obsessive crap that I post here. I’ve gotten e-mails saying, “I read such-and-such on your site…” referring to things I did post here, which leads me to believe this isn’t just random blabbering for myself. ;o) Maybe I should add a webtracker…but yes, comment! Please! Thanks. :o)

Oh, yeah…turns out that the people who did the music for PoDW are extremely versatile. They did the soundtrack for the Powerpuff Girls movie, too! (Which rocked! And don’t you dare make fun of me or question my taste in animation for liking PPG–I’ve been a fan since it first debuted, and it’s not just some cheesy trend–if you sit down and actually watch more than a few episodes, it’s actually pretty good. Sorry, I’ve had people do that before, people who don’t know me at all AND people who know full well how picky-critical I am, and it REALLY bugs me that they won’t give me the benefit of the doubt and admit that I like it because it’s actually GOOD, and assume I like it because it’s some trend. -_-; Bah. Trends? ME?) But anyway. That soundtrack is almost totally techno-based–very interesting. :o) It’s awesome how broad Chase-Rucker’s talents are!

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