Old blog archive: 05 August 2002

Holy crap, it’s August. ^^;;

Thinking about redoing this…not sure yet, we’ll see. This definitely isn’t my top priority, since I seem to so rarely update it anyway…I did watch Dark Water this weekend (The Game Players of Undaar) for something like the first time in a few months or so–on a TV, at least; DarkWaterFan had the episodes up, but due to bandwidth issues they’re down–DWF, my friend Andy, and I all intend to start rotating the episodes on a biweekly basis or so.

I hope we can get that started soon, though, because life’s getting a bit hectic…this is my last week of work till January, and I’m in Boston next week (*dances* my summer vacation! I’ve been stuck in town ALL SUMMER), and the week after that classes start…I’ve got a violin audition for the Georgia Tech Symphony Orchestra the Monday after I get back from Boston, I’ve got to move into my dorm, provided somebody cancels their housing because I’m NUMBER FREAKING ONE on the waiting list…holy crap, where did the last hour go?! I thought it was 11, not 12! Oh well…but…yeah, really busy till the start of the semester, and then Dragon*Con in August (no costuming this year–no time to make costumes this summer or to redo the Tula one–i.e., make the pink darker and get lighter material for the sash and stuff like that), with online friends coming in conveniently for my 21st birthday, which is the day before the con starts…anyway. :o)

More Dark Water related stuff for this…let’s see. Oh yeah. *grin* Saw this on CNN’s website Friday. ;o) Dark Water…oooohh… *smacks self* I’ll shut up now.

I’ve still got more site updates to put up–all the scans from the HB stuff Leo Agosta gave me…I did scan them, but I don’t know if I have them with me or not–maybe I should go through my disks today (I save all this stuff to disk and bring it in to work, so I’ve got a bunch of disks with random this-or-that in my purse :P), and if they’re there maybe I can thumbnail ’em and get ’em up? That’d be nice…plus, there’s even more fanart waiting to go up. I like this. *grins*

Oh oh oh! And I continued BOTH my fanfics! The problem is that the disk I have at work corrupted Desperate Times 6–I’ve got the original at home, though–and when I tried uploading Fun With Fangirls 2, FanFiction.net messed up. I’ll just put them up here at some point…maybe this week?

*goes to start sifting through a bunch of disks now* Wish me luck. ;o)

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