Old blog archive: 01 September 2002

My friend Andy…totally rocks. He actually found a copy of The Saga Begins in a local bookstore near where he lives, and I urged him to get it for himself–but he’s here for Dragon*Con this weekend and gave it to ME for my birthday (which was Thursday; I’m now 21 *dances*)!! *grins* So I now own The Saga Begins. Woooo!! *cheers madly* Haven’t watched it yet…D*C’s still going on and I’ve been too tired when we got back–maybe some time next week or so…will post my list’o’differences� then. O:o) Need to make a master list of that, really (or as master a list as I can, as I’ve heard there were many different TV edits, but at least between Cartoon Network’s PoDW, Dark Water, and The Saga Begins)–I’ve been so busy, though…I’ve got 7 classes this semester (2 are music performance classes, but still–I only get 1 credit hour for each while they’re each worth 3 hours of in-class rehearsal per week…and 3 in-class major-related classes, 1 major-related independent study, and advanced Japanese)–and it’s looking like it’ll be a sporadic-updates semester again. *sigh* I really hope not. Oh well, we’ll see.

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