Old blog archive: 13 September 2002

Did watch my Saga Begins tape, but…review later. It was all right…they changed a lot of the music and cut a lot out and added a scene in at the end that doesn’t fit with the rest of the storyline, but served to sort of add continuity to the one just in the 1st 5 episodes.

But I’ve been meaning to post this:

I bought this at Prints Plus a few weeks ago, and it struck me as being extremely Dark Water-ish–like the Dragon’s Maw from the first episode at night, except with a more Earthly boat. ;o) Plus, it’s just gorgeous–the text reads, “Dreams are / journeys that take / one far from / familiar shores, / strengthening the heart, / empowering the soul.” I bought about 5 other posters, but this is the only one appropriate to post here (I doubt a pink one with Mike, Sulley, and Boo from Monsters, Inc. would be totally appropriate :P).

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