Old blog archive: 17 September 2002

I don’t think I’m ever, ever going to get used to Pirates of Dark Water slash/smut. Especially that of the NC-17 variety. I mean, I have no problem with it whatsoever (I’m friends with people who are Star Wars smut authors, and one’s even the StarWarsChicks.com SithChicks archivist), but…it’s really not my thing. (I reread a particular fic at FanFiction.net yesterday, and…yeah. Yikes.) Maybe I just “know” these characters too well or something…Dark Water is my “obsession,” of sorts, my one kind of claim to fame (online, at least), and I’ve been completely in love with the show for about 9 years now, maybe? Since middle school. I know this show forwards and backwards, inside and out, I know the characters very well (soooo tempted to quote Bloth from the first episode and use, “Intimately…” but that makes me half-giggle, half-gag, especially in the context of the aforementioned NC-17 fic ;o) ), I’ve got the whole thing memorized and have overanalyzed it almost to death (though I’ve “discovered” new things to puzzle over more recently, so it keeps it all fresh in a way)…so seeing something that’s kind of “deviant” from the show’s norm is, I guess, just a bit unsettling in some ways. But that’s just me, and my personal preferences–I hope I didn’t offend by mentioning this.

Speaking of fanfics, I need to continue mine. And put them up here. And put up the fic of the guy who posted a link to his at the board. And… *pants* So much offline crap to take care of, guh…I’ve been neglecting my sites terribly. I also know I’m really behind on e-mail–for those of you who’ve sent me messages that might see this, I’ve gotten them and I did read them–I just keep putting off replying them…sorry!! ^^; I’m at least a month behind on my personal mail as well, so don’t take it personally…I’m just a lazy slug. 😛

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