Old blog archive: 07 October 2002

I was reading several chapters out of a book for one of my classes a couple of hours ago (it’s a kind of linguistics class, and this particular book dealt with the origin of language and speech versus writing and so forth), and…hang on, let me find it…

    “Even today the Navajos and Aymara women wave each tribe’s cosmography into one reality with its social geography.” – ABC: The Alphabetization of the Popular Mind, p. 30

I did a double-take at that, because of “Aymara.” That’s another awesome name from the show that I’ve honestly thought about using for characters and such…I had no idea it had an actual origin! So I searched around a bit and found this–it’s an actual language, spoken around Lake Titicaca! That’s awesome! :o) I love making discoveries about PoDW words I mistook for cool-sounding gibberish, and finding out they’re more involved…

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