Old blog archive: 24 November 2002

listening to: “Serenade for Strings – mvt. 3 – Elegie” – Tchaikovsky

Georgia Tech’s desks, the ones that come with the dorms, have 3 shelves. The bottom-most is always designated as my unspoken “fun shelf.” Sheet music, old sketchbooks, address book, journal, comics, and other such things usually occupy it. Because I co-op every other semester, and will be returning to work in January, I only live in campus housing every other semester, so I’m vacating after finals week this term (lucky for me my last “final” is the Friday of the week; I’ve got a 15-page paper due that day–at least I get to write it on Scheherazade by Rimsky-Korsakov, an excellent piece, so that should be a lot of fun), in mid-December. However, I seem to have the bad habit of accumulating things during the term, so to ensure that I can get all my things in my car when mid-December comes around, I’m starting to go through my things now to see what I can take home over Thanksgiving break, like things I know I won’t need for the rest of the semester (books, basically all the contents of my “fun shelf,” etc.).

I came across the envelopes in which I’ve got the Pirates of Dark Water RPG and the other materials Lee Agosta sent me, and started going through those–and one of the things that Lee sent was a 6-page stapled packet of beige colored paper, with each of the 1st 5 sheets being quick summaries of the 1st 5 episodes (preliminary ones, before they were redone–for example, in the episode 2 summary, it lists that Konk wounds Ren with a crossbow arrow before escaping from the Atani kingdom). Sheet 6 lists the main voice actors. I can’t help but crack up to think that the same person that voiced Konk basically stole the show in The Rocky Horror Picture Show (Tim Curry)–I already knew that, but it’s still hilarious; it brings some rather weird imagery to mind. ;o) But what I didn’t know was that Brock Peters, who voiced Bloth (as well as Darth Vader in the Star Wars radio dramatizations, heee *grin*), played Tom Robinson in the original To Kill A Mockingbird! The one with Gregory Peck playing Atticus Finch! That’s one of my favorite movies of all time–I can’t believe I didn’t know that before this!

*sits back, feeling a little awed* So, so cool…

In case you (who MIGHT be reading this, since I’m lucky to get a hit a day to this weblog :P) didn’t know, here’s a list of other voice actors (parens are my commentary):

Niddler – world renowned actor and photographer Roddy McDowall (later redubbed/replaced by Frank Welker in the DW/PoDW conversion)
Tula – Jodi Benson, the voice of “The Little Mermaid” (as well as the Barbies from Toy Story, and many others…)
Konk – Tim Curry, star of “The Hunt for Red October” (I thought Sean Connery was the star…? Then again, I haven’t seen it, I just automatically connote the name with his name) and “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” (hehe, very…versatile acting repertoire, huh? ;o) )
Ioz – Hector Elizondo, co-star of “Pretty Woman” (IMDb also lists Jim Cummings as a 2nd VA for him, as well as voicing additional minor characters)
Avagon – Jessica Walter, star of Broadway’s “Rumors” and the motion picture “Play Misty for Me”

Those are just from that sheet. Others…

Ren – George Newbern (Brian McKenzie from Father of the Bride and Superman from the new Justice League series (which I can’t stand to watch, the animation’s terrible and Bruce Timm’s style just really doesn’t appeal to me…but this is bad even for them–the Superman and Batman animated series were both much, much better–heh, oops, anyway))
Mantus – Peter Cullen
Zoolie – Richard Gautier
Harlan Ellison (I think he voices the priest in the 1st episode…)

And there are a bunch of other unidentified people, some listed at IMDb and most just from the credits. If/when I get time I’d honestly like to see if I can track down their voices and identify all of them if I can (because I’m a nerd), but…the only time I can see myself having time is after I graduate from college, maybe while working before I go to grad school. Heh. That’s a project for the far future, then. ;o)

But this was just my way of procrastinating…methinks I should get back to work now. ^^;

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  • Lee Agosta was a friend of mine from college — one whom I’ve, unfortunately, lost touch with.

    Can you send me his email?

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