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I have no idea who reads this, but I guess it’s worth a try, since I can’t update my site, since I only have access to the net via Mom’s work computer’s DSL connection (and she’s only allowed to install software related to work on it), since my dad wants to be the one to supervise networking our computers but he’s also being really lazy about going to pick up ethernet cables and a router. 😛

I hope anyone who reads this had a great holiday season. ;o) I’ve really enjoyed relaxing and doing nothing except watching lots of TVs and a few movies and generally slacking for the past 2 1/2 weeks (though that’ll end when I go back to school/work Monday *groan*)–I revamped 1 of my other sites and started a new one, and did a little work (or started to) on this site–typing up part of the D&D module World Book (for J.M.L., who requested it, and it seems like pretty handy and interesting background info to have up, too). When I get access on my computer I can do other stuff, too, like uploading the Sega Genesis ROM and emulator (thanks again, Nenko!) and adding new Unexplored and Registry submissions (Ian and Yae, respectively).

For everyone else who’s e-mailed me (Laura, Ty, Shawn, Leah, and Josh), I got your messages–mid-December was very hectic, because that was when final exams were ending and when I had to move out of my apartment and back home (I work every other semester, so it’s cheaper and more convenient to live at home). Since then, I’ve just been sort of limited in my online time, plus I’ve been really lazy and haven’t even been replying to my personal mail as of late–I only started catching up on it today. ^^; So I’m totally not ignoring any of you–well, I am, but not in the strictest sense of “ignoring.” I’ll definitely reply you all soon, maybe even today. :o)

And if you e-mail me, please PLEASE make sure to put PoDW or something like that in the subject–I get so much spam at that address now that I may accidentally delete your message if I don’t recognize your name and if you have an ambiguous subject line. Someone titled theirs “I need info,” and I actually almost did delete that one without reading it. ^^; Spam is so annoying…I don’t want to enlarge specific body parts, especially ones that girls typically don’t have, you know? ;o)

Also…does anybody know why that girl who wrote that one-part PoDW fic and put it up recently at FanFiction.net deleted her fic? Seriously, there needs to be more out there, not less… ^^; ;o) This is a really, really small and wavering fandom, not even really established at all. If anybody who sees this has written any kind of fanfic, PLEASE send it to me or put it up in one of the big fanfic archives! I personally would totally love to read it! And speaking of big fanfic archives–does anyone know if PoDW fanfic is anywhere else besides at FanFiction.net? What other general archives are out there?

And I think I want to redo this layout. I want it to be different than the main page still…I’m thinking something simple, with some nice contrast–lots of dark blue in the background, and white text, same as usual, but just really those two shades. I’m getting really tired of this particular one…my design style’s changing, I guess. *shrugs*

And does anyone who might see this have any suggestions for ways to expand the fandom? It’s not a community, it’s mostly people e-mailing me, or one or two who used to post at DarkWaterFan‘s board…I wish there were a place where people in general could discuss the show, like a central meeting point for all PoDW fans…I love talking to all of you, and I know there’s a pretty good number of you out there. You all should start talking to each other, too. ;o) I don’t want to be the only one pushing this forward–I know a lot of you love this show, so if you all could help push this forward–having a PoDW fandom/community would be excellent. That’s part of the point of the registry, to introduce fans to each other, but it’s not easy, since it’s an older and more buried show…

Okay, enough random musings for one post. Happy New Year, everyone! I hope you’re all doing well. :o)

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