Old blog archive: 15 January 2003

This is very distracting, but very fun. ;o) I lent my best friend my burned disc of PoDW episodes, because I offered to give her a ride somewhere because her car was in for repairs, and in return jokingly asked her to write me a PoDW fanfic, which she decided to do even though I ended up not having to give her a ride after all, so she needed a refresher. We work together, so I handed it to her this afternoon–and since there are 3 of us that work the late shift, she’s showing The Quest to the 3rd of us, who hasn’t seen it yet (blasphemy!). Our desks are in groups of 4 (think of a + sign, with desks in each corner), and hers is diagonally across from mine, and I’m working on a report due tomorrow morning, but I’m listening and mouthing words and hopping up from my chair and ducking over for especially good scenes. I think our 3rd coworker thinks I’m nuts. *grins*

Bleh, Dishonor’s on now…this won’t distract me, except for the rather convoluted swearing at the beginning… O:o)

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