Old blog archive: 26 January 2003

This is…kind of bad. I can’t find my tape of Dark Water episodes 1-4. Not Pirates of Dark Water, but Dark Water, the original 1991 episodes, with Roddy McDowall as Niddler’s voice actor and other different stuff. I’ve got DW 5 and PoDW 6-21 (and PoDW 1-5 in video format)…but…argh! It’s not in my room (as far as I can tell–I’ve looked everywhere where it seems like it should be or might be), it’s not in my parents’ room (where the VCR was), it’s not in the family room (where the VCR now is)…not good, not good at all! DWF’d like to see it so he can pull stuff from it for his DVD…watch it be right under my nose the whole time, but I don’t know if I can get him a copy, and I’d feel uncomfortable sending mine to someone I don’t know very well, or just letting it out of my sight period.

I haven’t watched it since moving back home, I don’t think…my tapes were here the whole time, even when I was on campus last semester. I really hope nobody taped over it on accident or something…usually they ask before taping over anything (and with our cable box setup now, we technically can’t tape anything, hence my not taping PoDW now that it’s back on TV), but…blah. I’d better ask them when they get home.

And yeah, I didn’t watch last week’s or today’s. I’ll definitely be getting up for “Betrayal” next week, though–one of my favorite episodes. *grins* “Noy Jitat, you overfed, porpulent son of a sea-mule…” “What are you doing under my gamehouse, you half-masted–” “Move, you rudderless, barnacle-brained–” Buuut anyway.

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