Old blog archive: 09 February 2003

Eh. Missed “Victory” (early, early) this morning, but on purpose. If the basketball All-Star game weren’t on now, and if I didn’t have to work so early tomorrow morning (I get up before 6 daily and get home around 8:30 nightly during the week), I’d probably treat myself to a mini-marathon, or at least Dark Water episode 5. Rather, on TV–I could watch the movie file now, but it’s just not the same once you’ve started watching it on an actual TV again. (And I should shut up before those of you reading this who don’t have Cartoon Network start smacking me upside the head. ^^; )

I also realized that I totally owe several people e-mails that I’ve been putting off for, like, a month. My priorities have been totally off e-mail…I’ve got a ticket to a classical concert next week to sell (though I think I’ve just finally sold it), I’ve got 4 tests of varying difficulty/effort/focus in the space of the next 2 weeks (and 3 are in the same class!), I just restarted violin lessons, I have to get the tires on my car changed soon, I’m procrastinating on some crap at work that I have to work on tomorrow, and…blah. So yeah. I’ll reply several of you really really soon, I promise. (Like Josh, who mailed me back at the start of January thanking me for taking the time out to reply him. Agh, the irony abounds. ^^;; If you see this, I’m REALLY sorry…the start of January became very very hectic in a pretty bad/personal way, and then immediately morphed straight into returning to work and school. But enough of me making excuses now…)

One of my awesome friends just installed MovableType for me (I’ve tried at least 4 or 5 times–I got it working the first time, and then my server experienced scheduled downtime the next day and it refused to work when the server came back up…and since then I consistently screwed something up at the end and couldn’t figure out what), so when I get some time *snorts* I’m going to convert both my weblogs over to that most likely. Blogger’s been great, but I’m looking for something more powerful and self-contained, and am rather excited about getting to play around with MovableType. Yes, I’m a geek. After spending 2 years as a Computer Science major at Georgia Tech (and then switching, though a lot of my friends are still CS), I say it’s totally okay for me to get excited about computery stuff. ;o)

Oh, by the way, the broken image to the lower left is my SiteMeter web tracker. I have no idea why the image is broken, but the link’s still valid…so yeah. I’ll have to figure that out at some point.

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