Old blog archive: 22 February 2003

Wheee! After long last, I FINALLY updated the dictionary! I’ve got all the words I could find from “The Soul Stealer” and “Andorus” (just chose episodes at random), and am working on “The Quest” now, though since that’s usually the episode I start with (you know, since it’s the first episode and all… ;o) ) for anything, I think I’ve already got all the terms from it. Doesn’t hurt to double-check, though.

And one more hilarious observation…during the crowd scenes in the first episode, like with Bloth’s pirates, listen to the background chatter. Right after Bloth thunders, “Put an end to him!” to his pirates about Niddler, just listen to the pirates’ chatter. You’ll hear one voice go, “Don’t let ‘im get awaaay!” 3 times at even intervals during the throwing-stuff-at-Niddler scene–it’s looped. Almost all the pirate crowd scenes on the Maelstrom have the same looped background noise! I crack up every time I hear the “Don’t let ‘im get awaaay!” now, just because of the realization. :o) You also hear it once or twice more (I’ll have to watch my video just to make sure) as the pirates crowd around Ren just after he escapes the pit of the constrictus, and…I know there’s more than that, but I can’t hear it off this file. Still, though! :o)

I should also mention…that newer “R-rated” PoDW fic at Fanfiction.net (it’s actually seriously NC-17, but I guess she down-rated it after they deleted all NC-17 fics so it’d stay there) has forever changed my perception of Bloth. The “Did you know him?” “Intimately…he was a long term…guest of mine…” scene has me mentally burying my face in my hands and going, “Oh god oh god oh god…” now; in reality I’ll just make a face, but I’m definitely thinking that. ^^; Agh. Though the “Was he now? And I thought I had eliminated all his heirs…” scene sets it right again. ;o)

And speaking of that last line–my friend Jenn is someday going to write a PoDW fanfic, and she was tossing ideas off me one day at work, and thought about that line in particular–I think I’d brought in my CD with the episodes burned to it for her to borrow, and she started watching it, and that line immediately struck her. All his heirs? In monarchial hierarchies like that, heirs are related by blood, right? Everyone knows that Ren’s mother died before the quest started, and some even speculate that it was during childhood…but all this time we’ve been assuming that Ren is the only living heir to the throne of Octopon. If Ren escaped, then doubtless others could have too, others that may have been as well-hidden or more hidden. Ren may have siblings that nobody’s telling him about, or that Jenna’s still withholding from him…hehe, it’s so fun to overanalyze. *grins*

Oh yeah. I’m also about 80% sure now that the voice of Primus’s spiritual attendant is Harlan Ellison. Yeah, the author–he did some sort of voiceover for the show; it’s listed in several of his bios, and he was the guest of honor at Dragon*Con 2 years ago so I finally was able to hear him speak. (I’d heard of him, but hadn’t read any of his works till this past summer, when we read a few short stories in my Science Fiction class. He’s a slightly freaky guy. ;o) )

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