Old blog archive: 08 March 2003

On our drive back to Atlanta from Jacksonville Thursday (I’d gone there with a friend to spend spring break with her family, away from home, just relaxing and unwinding), my friend suddenly said, “Clouds!” and pointed to the sky, where the clouds were looking extremely spectacular and gorgeous and ominous, in shades of bluish-grey, ranging from faint to very deep. The first thing I thought of was, “Clouds…turning water black…all around me….the–Dark–Water!” from episode 5, during Ren’s fever dream. ^^; I told my friend that I’d immediately thought of a PoDW quote to go with that, and that it’s something I do regularly, or used to, if someone just said the right word. If anybody said, “Gah!” I’d think of, “If you were unchained, I’d tear you apart!” from The Ghost Pirates–Cressa’s first mate snarls it at Ioz for repeatedly insulting him. A few other words will set off similar quote-associations, too. ;o) They’re sort of escaping me at the moment, though, but if I remember them I’ll jot ’em down.

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