Old blog archive: 31 March 2003

So I stayed up later than I should have yesterday (not that 11:30’s typically late, but if you have to be at work at 7 AM it’s pretty late), because for some reason, a couple of quotes from “The Dark Disciples” got caught in my head (“Smells like the hold of a kreld-barge, Ioz!” and “Here in Octopon, everything is fair game!” / “Then you’ll have to win it in a fair fight!”), so I figured I’d watch the episode to get them out. And then I started watching a couple of more, like “The Game Players of Undaar” (John Rhys-Davies, HEEEE) and “The Ghost Pirates.” And I realized something, or rather, re-realized it. Cressa is badass. She’s also really sexy. The way she holds herself–she’s powerful and dominating, but still really sultry and womanly in some ways. When Ioz was half-ghosted and leaping off the ghost ship towards Ren on the Wraith, she yanked Ioz out of the grasp of both of Ren’s arms with her whip, and then laughs this really deep-throated, sensual laugh and reaches a hand down for him, and she gets this look. It’s so awesome. :o) They’ve got some seriously awesome strong women in this show–I think she’s stronger than Tula in some ways, and it’s cool to see someone so ruthless.

And Ioz/Tula shippers are going to LOVE this. At the end of “The Dark Disciples,” when Ioz and Tula and Niddler go over to Ren and hug him, Ioz has one arm around Ren’s shoulders and one arm around Tula’s shoulders, and then the hand on Tula’s shoulders pulls back to her hair, and then as Ren pulls away to see how Jenna is, Ioz pulls back completely and kind of tilts his head and looks at Tula, looking a bit…startled? Or caught off-guard, or something. But then they all pull back and he keeps his arms to himself. It’s so cute! I’m not taking any sides in the who-Tula’s-guy-should-be debate, but I’m finding more and more evidence to give Ioz as strong a case as Ren has. ;o)

Oh, and earlier, I was quizzing my best friend on Dark Water stuff–by her insistence. :o) She asked me to name an episode title and she’d describe the episode to me. She’s doing very well; she’s a good pupil and learns quickly. *grins* And I’m sure her putting up with me for 4 years in high school and for 3 semesters as my roommate had nothing to do with it…of course not… *angelic look* She was a fan before we met, though, so I can’t claim that I converted her. (Darn.)

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