Old blog archive: 09 April 2003

Ladies and gentlemen, we have our first case of art theft in the PoDW fandom.

Or the first one I’ve come across, at any rate. There’s apparently been fanfic theft in the past, which was why Jenny Bradley asked me to take her fics down, to keep people from copying them…this is the first art theft I’ve seen, though. There’s so little of either online that it’s seriously a shame to see people be so unoriginal.

Original 1: http://podw.ecomancer.net/fans/art/flower-ren1.jpg
Rip 1: http://members.fortunecity.com/sailorskywalker/pdwren.jpg

Original 2: http://podw.ecomancer.net/fans/art/flower-sd-renniddler.jpg
Rip 2: http://members.fortunecity.com/sailorskywalker/pdwrenniddler.jpg

Yep, she completely ripped off two of Florencia’s images. A big chunk of her art site (http://sailorskywalker.tripod.com, I’m being “nice” and not directly linking to it) is full of straight copies of official anime images (some screenshots, some actual art pieces, all really well known–I recognized all the Sailormoon ones I looked at (having been a huge BSSM fan at one point in the past) and a good number of the Dragonball ones (and I can’t stand any of the Dragonball series)). I’m sending her a kind of stern e-mail asking her to either credit her sources or take the pieces down. I’m curious, though, because among the original art she does have up, the styles differ rather curiously and blatantly…but unless I know for sure that she copied other artists besides Florencia, I’m not going to say anything. What she’s already done is bad enough.

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