Old blog archive: 14 April 2003

6.87 GB of bandwidth are gone already for this month. Out of a monthly 10.

Shit. I don’t know what to do. I want to keep the episodes up, but I just can’t. There have been 83 downloads of episode 6 in the past day and a freaking half. I’m not complaining about the traffic, I’m just mildly panicking about how much bandwidth is gone. A gig’s gone in the past day and a half–I was at 5.something the last time I checked, which was either Friday or Saturday. The way it’s looking, I’m going to have to pull the episode in the next day or so, just to make sure I have enough traffic left for my overall domain for the rest of the month.

I’m also not going to ask for donations to up my package (I’m too cheap to donate to any other sites, so I certainly never would expect people to donate to mine)–for one thing, since they’ve upped their rates, it’d cost me over twice what I’m paying now just for 250MB more of space and 5GB more of bandwidth. Also, according to Myacen, if I exceed my bandwidth, they’ll charge me an extra $3.50 for that month, which isn’t terrible, and if I get too close I have the option of talking to them and having them up my bandwidth limit…but in the end, I’m already paying roughly $120 a year for hosting, plus $15 for the domain. I’d rather not spend if I don’t have to.

I’ve actually toyed with the idea of getting a separate account justfor this site, because this by far gives me the most traffic and involves the most resources…but I can handle it for the time being, so nah. ;o) piratesofdarkwater.com is sounding very tempting, though…I used to think it was sort of egotistical for me to get that domain, but I’ve seen several other major fansites for other shows do the same thing, so…

Agh. This is just so frustrating, though. DWF and I are both running into bandwidth issues–I seriously think I am going try setting a webserver up just for the summer. It’d have to go down fall term most likely (I’ll be back at home, and my parents freak out if I even leave my computer running for several hours while I’m away, so leaving it on constantly is Not A Good Idea), but I’ll be on campus for 3 consecutive semesters afterwards, so it can be up then, if my computer can handle it (it’s several years old, only 160MB of RAM and a 466mHz processor…there’s no point in upgrading (which I did, to install a CD-RW drive and upgrade from the 64MB of RAM it came with), I just eventually need to buy a new computer…and maybe by fall term I finally will have).

But yeah. I’ll be taking episode 6 down probably by day’s end, because knowing my luck another gig will have gone overnight. *tugs at hair in frustration*

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