Old blog archive: 18 April 2003

12000 hits to the main page since the end of June last year. Twelve thousand. And it’s only really picked up in the past couple of months–I’m now averaging over 100 hits a day to PoDW’s main page alone, which is just phenomenal for me. Just a few years ago I was thrilled by 15 or 20 hits a day for my entire Andorus’s Hideaway collective–this is incredible, in a seriously wonderful way.

And my bandwidth’s doing just fine; I’m coming up on 8 gigs at a steady but slow rate, so I’m okay for this month. It was totally the episodes that ate it all up. Must investigate the webserver thing after finals (I’m done May 1st at 11 AM officially, and then I have a week and a half off till summer classes–time off! A whole week!).

So The Ghost Pirates is on tomorrow night, and The Dagron Master is next week–unfortunately, next week’s the weekend before finals week. *groans* I haven’t seen TDM in a really, really long time…the copy I have is rather garbled in some places and not completely viewable…

Hrm. I think I need to center this layout, or something. All the space to the right’s kind of bothering me…oh, and I need to fix the alignment so that more than just the first paragraph justifies. (And done. Woo! I figured out how to get it working when I redesigned my main weblog, so yeah. Yay!)

Blah…it’s been a long week. Sleep now…I can’t wait till I can stay up past midnight again without collapsing.

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