Old blog archive: 27 April 2003

My friends have corrupted me so much, I swear…I watched “The Dark Dweller,” possibly the worst PoDW episode in terms of mush and cheesiness and mistakes and flow and basically everything, for the first time in a while today…and I saw so many slash innuendos. *buries face in hands* When Bloth is telling Ren that he sees that Ren’s spirit’s been broken by Tula’s loss, he touches Ren’s chin. And when Strand (Strant? 4-armed guy) says Ren takes orders like a milkmaid, Ioz gets this really defensive, angered look. And the pirates yelling, “We’ll work ‘im!” and so on when Bloth decides to keep them alive and just work them to the bone. Gah, I’m awful!

But there’s so much wrong with that episode on so many levels. There are mistakes left and right (in one scene, Ioz’s clothes are slightly ripped from fighting with Strand to get to a sword, and in the next, he suddenly has his sword back and cuts through a rope holding up a net of barrels to have them spill down onto a bunch of Bloth’s pirates, and then in the scene after that, his clothes are (as) intact (as they usually are, which is to say still tattered, but typical-tattered, without the rips and tears from the previous scene)). The dialogue is atrocious (“Be gone, imposter!” and of course the infamous “Reeeeennnnn!” “Tuuulaaaaaa!” *shudders*). The animation is subpar. Some of the scenes are just ridiculous (the whole pining-after-Tula thing could have been done better, and Konk rushes into Bloth’s chamber going on about the huge fight going on outside on the deck, and it consists of Ioz waving a shovel at about 5 pirates…and Bloth calls it a mutiny, but Ioz isn’t even part of his crew (anymore, and hasn’t been for quite some time)! That’s not a mutiny at all, that’s just an escaped prisoner!). The Dark Dweller looks so damn ridiculous for the most imposing and central villain of the entire series–and how, when confronting everyone aboard the Maelstrom, did he suddenly become about 50 times as big as he was when he confronted Ren and Niddler and Tula in the Chamber of Lost Souls, and gain all this extra power? Why couldn’t he have used the power he seemed to have above the surface in his own chamber, and called all the Dark Water to take the three of them out? Discrepancies, discrepancies…

On the other hand, “The Dagron Master” was pretty good. That was the one I wanted to see, since I missed it at 4 AM. *grumbles* I still don’t understand why barely any cable provider in Atlanta, the home of the Turner Corporation, won’t carry Boomerang! Argh…anyway, I need to get back to studying; I haven’t updated this week because I’ve got finals this coming week, so there won’t be any updates until Thursday at the earliest, when my last final exam finishes up. I seriously think I’ll just stay on campus and take some time updating at one of the computer clusters there if I’m not exhausted from taking my exam. ;o)

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