Old blog archive: 15 May 2003

Yet another Smitha Is Corrupted Beyond Repair moment…I was watching King Niddler the other day to pull terms from it for the dictionary, and when the Mobo blow that knocking-out mist at them, as Ren collapses, he breathes, “Ioz…” in this really startled/surprised tone of voice, but if you weren’t paying attention to the context, that would be so so so slash-worthy. Just the fact that he said Ioz’s name itself already points that way. ;o)

Anyway…I’ve been doing a few offline updates, because my network card’s officially dead. I don’t know what happened exactly–I moved back onto campus this past Sunday, and something happened to it between Saturday (when I was able to access our DSL connection at home) and then (when I tried hooking up to our campus residential network). Our ResNet people’ve been in and out of my apartment and they finally determined yesterday that it was the card itself, but they aren’t allowed to do hardware installs anymore due to new, stricter rules, and I have no experience with installing hardware, so I’ve gotten one of my friends to come over and help me out with it at some point tomorrow. I really hope that fixes it…and if it doesn’t, I’m seriously going to consider getting a new, high-end tower from Dell. I’ve been wanting one for a long time–I have a monitor and a keyboard and a mouse and all the other peripherals I need already. And I’ve had this tower for 4 years, with only one upgrade a couple of years ago (from 64 MB of RAM to 160, and to a CD-RW drive from a plain CD-ROM)…I’d seriously just build my own if I could, but I don’t have the knowledge or the resources to do so.

So I’ve been coming to the library daily and spending time here catching up on websites and stuff. Summer term’s pretty hectic; if you don’t read my regular weblog (truthfully, I’m just impressed you’re reading this ;o) ), I’m taking 3 classes–History of Britain Since 1914, Intro to Sociology, and Shakespeare. The first two fulfill two of my social science credits and the third fulfills one of my literary credits. Summer term’s 11 weeks, compared to a regular-length (i.e., fall or spring) 16, but these three are actually all 7-week classes, so they’re plenty intensive (literally 2 full-length lectures in one class period, and I’m in lecture for almost 6 straight hours Monday and Wednesday, just for two classes!). I’m thinking about dropping Sociology (I’m really not impressed with the prof, especially after he commented at least 4 times yesterday that the fact that Indians don’t eat cows is “weird” to Americans, and I’m not too happy with the way he’s handling the class) and taking another class, Biomedicine, that I’ve wanted from the beginning (it filled up before I could get in and they initially were only giving out overloads to graduating seniors), but Biomedicine’s a full 11-week class and that month-and-a-half off is sounding mighty tempting…and I have to decide by tomorrow, when registration for summer closes, and that’s if my overload request goes through, now that they’re offering them again.

But that’s what’s been going on with me, and that’s what’s keeping me busy. I’m not on my computer a whole lot because there frankly isn’t a lot to do if you aren’t online. ;o) I’ve also discovered that our library has a multimedia section that has a video capturing area…I fully intend to go there and inquire into what I’m allowed to use it for (like, if I can capture the Dark Water miniseries in video format, as well as the 4 episodes I do have good, clean copies of). Or if I get a new computer, I’m going to look into getting one that’s equipped with a video in/out or capture card…I’m going to need to do some research into this. But I’d better get back to work now…I need to be at least a little productive before leaving to catch The Matrix Reloaded tonight, and I already am seriously behind in my reading for my classes. ^^;

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