Old blog archive: 24 May 2003

(continued from the 21/22May03 update…)

I think that wraps it up…though I keep feeling like I’m just making excuses for not using my free time to update more of the “meat” of the page, like the episode summaries and the comic scans especially, and getting content typed up, converted to HTML, and online from the RPG and other things–but longtime visitors/friends know how lazy I am and how I like to shoot myself in the foot by taking so much scholastic/work/extracurricular stuff on, I guess. *sheepish grin* (Currently it’s 3 7-week classes–meaning, fitting the work of a typical 16-week semester’s class into 7 weeks instead. Summers are normally 11 weeks, but these 7-week sessions are especially compressed to, I think, give students time to job-hunt and get other stuff done–or that’s the case according to one of my profs, at least. I didn’t even realize all 3 of my classes were 7-week sessions till after the term started last week.)

I really am sorry–I guess I also don’t want to spend all my free time just sitting at the computer working on this site (though there’s a lot more to be done, but that means I have more content to keep it going for years to come, right? ;o) ), though I totally enjoy putting time and effort into it and actually do think about it a lot, like along the lines of things I come across that I can possibly apply to it–for example, we’ve got a multimedia lab in our library, including a video capture station, and I’ve been meaning to go over there and talk to them about what we’re allowed to use it for (i.e., can I capture Dark Water, The Saga Begins, and the few good copies of PoDW episodes I have in video format?). That would be truly awesome if they did let me capture them. :o) I have no idea if I’d have enough time or the resources to also do image captures, but if I could, I would–I’d love to grab some of my favorite scenes, and set up a section showing the discrepancies between the Dark Water miniseries and Pirates of Dark Water 1-5, and a bloopers/”oops” section of little animation mistakes or “interesting” things is always fun. *grin* Anyway, enough of my whining. As always, I really would love your feedback about this site, what you’d like to see, what you like best, what you like least, and so forth, so I know what direction to take it in. My major focus right now is on the dictionary, and will be on the RPG and comics in coming weeks (I swear I’ll get to work on those, pester me like hell via e-mail to make sure if you want!). Please do let me know. :o)

(not part of the above update) Oh, and I’m almost done typing up the D&D RPG World Book! I’m leaving out the attribute charts, because I don’t want to put the entire thing online and get in trouble for it, and those of you who are actually going to use it for serious PoDW campaigns probably could put your own together…at least, that’s what I’m gathering from people I’ve talked to and from my D&D gaming friends. But I’ve just got a couple of pages left (I sort of had a Coke at 10 PM last night and thought it wouldn’t keep me awake when I had to be up early to get stuff done this morning, gah…I was working on it from almost 11 PM to 1:30 or 2 AM straight–I can’t type as fast anymore or it’d have gone by more quickly… >_

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