Old blog archive: 01 June 2003

Friday night, I was in the car with a friend (on our way to run errands and catch Finding Nemo, which ROCKED–had to throw that in, I’m an incurable Pixar addict *grins*), and right after we left the Georgia Tech campus, we came across a car with a custom GT plate (the kind that’s got the yellow GT logo to the left, and a combination of G, T, and 3 numbers (with the G always being before the T) to the right), and it spelled out “jitat” (but with a G, not a J), one of the Merian curses, in l337 speak–something like “G174T,” I think.) I think my friend (also a PoDW fan) resisted the urge to smack me upside the head when I pointed it out to him. ^^;

And yes, I’m alive–I’ve just got 2 midterms tomorrow that are sort of consuming everything, and I’m either fixing my network settings or just reinstalling Windows and being done with it tomorrow (I stayed up till 4:30 backing up files to CDs this morning–I guess green tea does have a considerable amount of caffeine in it), so I should get network access back on my home computer either way if all goes well. I haven’t gotten any more work done on scanning images since the day I started on them, but I’ll definitely be working on the World Book this week.

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