Old blog archive: 18 June 2003

I’m between classes again–got to leave in a few minutes, as we have to be in my next class early today. But I decided to Google PoDW again, and came across this relatively new link (yeah, I search for PoDW every now and then, using “dark water” and “darkwater” to see what I’ll get; this was under “dark water”). It’s pretty interesting–just a synopsis of the show with some commentary, and the occasional error (Tula being from another planet, and Niddler being misspelled as Nibbler, but the latter’s actually rather common, and rather fitting ;o) ), but something especially made me crack up (subtly, as I’m at the library and cracking up would be sort of frowned upon here ;o) ):

“An even more constraining aspect of developing a teenage oriented show was the language used by the characters. The so-called pirates were unable to swear at all! Having pirates without their infamous penchant for vulgarity was not an option so the show’s creators created their own ‘swear words.’ When a character was angry or despairing, instead of saying ‘goddamnit!’ he would say, ‘Noy Jitat!’ Instead of calling someone a, ‘fuckin idiot!’ one would call someone a, ‘Jitatin fool!’ My personal favorite was, ‘cheap-talkin’ monkey bird!'(I still use this phase to this day, showing just how “cool” I am…) These phrases became a hallmark of the series and allowed the characters to talk like pirates without calling down the censor’s red pen.”

It’s the “cheap-talkin’ monkey-bird” that got to me. It took me a few seconds to realize that he had just misheard “Jitatin,” probably spoken with a thick accent and a big emphasis on the “ji.” 😀 *starts laughing* That’s so awesome!

In other news…there is no other news, really. Updates are still on hiatus–I’ve got my first “final” (non-cumulative, but worth like 45% of my grade *gag*) a week from today, and two finals the week after that. And then I’ll start computer shopping in earnest, and probably by the time I get my new tower, I’ll be on vacation with my parents for about two weeks–which will be when the comic announcement is made at Comic-Con. And when I get back, I’m going on vacation again, this time with some friends to Florida for a couple of weeks, just to relax on the beach. And then fall semester kicks in. So despite having a month and a half off at the end of the term…well…I’ll do what I can, definitely. I hate leaving my active sites un-updated (I just recently updated another of my sites for the first time since December–that was embarrassing, but nobody visits it anyway :P), especially the newer ones or the ones that I actually have content to update with.

Still haven’t looked into capturing the episodes…I’m just going to wait till after exams–probably the day of my last one or something, I’ll stop by and find someone to talk to about it. I’ve just got too much to read in the meantime that I’m shoving everything aside and living at the library (as if I haven’t been already *snort*). But only temporarily.

All right, off to class…

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