Old blog archive: 28 June 2003

*frown faintly at the new Blogger posting template* It’s like it changes every 2 days…that, or iMacs handle it differently…anyway.

So last night, it really hit me WHY I wanted ethernet at my dorm so badly. I started converting the World Book to web format–and started to code it in PHP, but realized that I couldn’t preview it unless I were online and had it uploaded (since PHP’s server-side and you can’t just run it off your computer). I guess truthfully, it wouldn’t make much of a difference in terms of loading time, since the majority of the content varies from page to page, but…still, it’d have been cool. *grins* Anyway, I did the first 28 pages, out of 64, and they’re coming out really well so far–oh, and for JML, I did go back and include all the stuff I left out (attribute charts, MP/GM notes, etc.). I’ll see if I can get some more done tonight; I’m about to go home for the afternoon, to do laundry and drop stuff off and write a couple of papers in (hopefully relative) peace.

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