Old blog archive: 08 July 2003

I had a weird dream this weekend, where I was trying to organize a trip of PoDW fans via my site to Italy. 😛

It’s not as random as it sounds, I swear. ;o) My family’s leaving for Italy for 9 nights (6 in Rome, 3 in Venice) on Saturday, and our local NPR station has been organizing trips of listeners to Europe to visit famous classical music sites; they had one in the spring and are having another one in the fall. So, mix the two and throw PoDW in, and voila. Or something.

Oh, and I went back and watched “The Dagron Master” and “The Living Treasure” (the 2 episodes that I currently don’t have video files of, and which are two of my favorites; the latter incidentally has some really awesome original music, but anyway)–and instead of hitting rewind, I hit record, so it taped over like a second of TDM. When Ren’s supposed to be sitting up and saying, “But where are we, Onda?” there are now people applauding someone’s outstanding golfing abilities. Goody. *groans* At least it was only a second, and it’s not like the episode was of very good quality to begin with, but why couldn’t it have happened during the commercials instead? Ugh…

And I was chatting with a girl earlier today whose mom made her plush Ren and Niddler dolls. Holy FREAKING CRAP, that is awesome! I hope she can procure some photos of them for me… :o)

(And I don’t think I’m ever going to get around to converting this to MovableType. Ah well–Blogger’s new interface is rather pretty; I love these particular shades of blue. *grins*)

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